Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who's The Fairest of Them All? Etsy Inspirations!

Gather 'round everyone, I know we've introduced you to some of these folks, and their soaps before, but this is something Special! Our Weekly Special, that is. From today, starting at noon, until next Wednesday, March 25th at 11:59am, we are offering the following special:

Purchase a Body Frosting (3oz), and Sugar scrub (4oz) for $16.50, and you will get the matching Etsy Inspirations Soap for FREE.

Listings will be up shortly in our Weekly specials section. Just purchase any listing from that section and we'll take care of the rest. *Please note the listings are going up now and should be completed shortly*

Here is the full list of Scents available for this Special (and their corresponding Etsy Inspiration Soap):

Clean Cotton: FaeriedTreasures

Pomegranate Orange: Clem

White Tea and Ginger: WryandGinger

Leather: Kaboogie

Strawberries & Cream: HeartsABustin

Pink Sugar: CharlieCarter

Ocean Breeze: SojournCuriosities

Teakwood: NothinButWood

Heavenly Type: Mbell34

Chocolate Mousse: DoubleDipped Sweets

Caramel Cafe: Jupita

Bedtime Bath: 2kute

Blueberry Vanilla: BlueNostalgia

Euphoria: ChromaSmear

Buttercream Cupcake: AuntieDis

Now, here's the kicker twist to this sale, a bit of a friendly competition. The Inspiration Artist who's soap scent sells the most this week, will get $15 worth of Free products from our shop.


Drea said...

I would just like to make a point, for the record, that FaeriedTreasures smells *the best*.

Thank you for your time.


ChromaSmear said...

no fair i didn't even know i got a soap to promote :( and when i went to look im not there, some im a bit lost how do i promote a soap that isn't there :P

Heathen's Hearth said...

Awww I know chroma... yours and blue nostalgia's are running a day behind, so you'll get to make it up at the end, :)


I have clean cotton and I am going to use it soon!