Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Backward Birthday Give Away!

As Misty pointed out yesterday, we have reached the 1 year anniversary of opening our Etsy Shop! What a year it has been! We owe you guys so much for being so supportive of this endeavor. With that in mind, we're pleased to announce our Happy Backward Birthday Give-Away!

Now, we've never been known for following the usual trends, and we're not about to start. So, instead of getting presents for our "birthday", we're going to give some away! We're at the peak of summer, when everything is fresh - fresh veggies, fresh air... you get the idea. So we've chosen one great summer scents for this give away - Fabulous Cucumber Mint. Its a deliciously crisp blend of mild cucumber and cooling fresh mint - perfect for the dog days of summer ahead.

And this isn't just any old give away. The lucky winner is going to be getting a set of Full Size Products from our summer line up - almost $30 worth of products! You will receive:
1 5oz bar of glycerin soap, 1 4oz jar of our Goats Milk and Honey lotion, 1 8oz jar of Skin Softening Bath Salts, and 1 5oz jar of our Exfoliating Sugar Scrub.

Ways to enter:

1 - leave a comment on this entry telling us your favorite part of summer.

2 - be a follower of our blog (you do not need to leave a comment letting us know you follow us, these entries will be pulled from our followers list from

3 - every item purchased from our shop before August 1st will get you 1 entry

4 - post a link to this contest on your social networking site of choice (1 entry per website, leave a separate comment for each link-back to have them all counted... maximum 3 entries per person via social networking) examples include blogs, facebook, myspace, twitter, plurk etc.

Entry deadline is 11:59pm August 1st (the one year anniversary of our first listed item). Winner will be chosen at random from all entries using the Randomizer at and will be announced on August 4th (the one year anniversary of our first sale!).

We're looking forward to moving into the next year with lots of new product lines, fabulous new scents, and of course, lots of time getting to know our customers - because without you, we wouldn't be here at all.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Free The Teen! - Free Shipping Sale!

Hi there!

It is almost the end of the summer, how have you been spending yours?

Tyler, my son, the 14 year old of the household, has spent his summer babysitting Misty's 6 year old son. While this is a very worthwhile endeavor (and he's been compensated for the time spent), he hasn't yet gotten his summer vacation. We would like to change that by giving him an extended trip to visit with his extended family in Florida.

Effective immediately - We are offering FREE shipping to the United States and Canada ($10 maximum shipping to all other countries). Once we've raised enough money to fund his travel expenses to visit with his favorite cousin the sale will be over, so buy early, and stock up for the rest of the summer so you can take advantage of this great offer!

(This can be combined with any other sale prices in our shop, so stop by soon!)


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Remember those adorable little kittens?

They're about 8 times as big now.. the biggest is about 2lbs now.

They have definitely made life here interesting the last 7 weeks or so. I am currently sitting on my floor. Would you like to see why?

The second image is Gigi. She used to be the runt.. she's bigger than at least 3 of the other kittens now.

Don't they look comfy in my recliner? LOL


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Because I almost peed my pants

Good feedback is wonderful. FUNNY good feedback is priceless!

For our White Chocolate Truffle Goat's Milk Soap:

"Great quality soaps, great scents and great service. I could gush on and on, but I think that everyone is sick of hearing me go on and on about how great Heathens Hearth is..."heathens hearth this...Heathens Hearth that...". i'm addicted .My family tried to stage an intervention, but i locked the bathroom door..." - houseofv

For our Black Celtic Sandalwood Soap:

"Completely addictive scent. leaves you smelling and feeling like you've been making out with foxy man who is a combination of Braveheart,Marilyn Manson and Zeus." - houseofv

Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh happy day!

Our Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub Cubes made it to the Front Page today! All because of Balanced's gorgeous treasury that she so kindly included us in!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

I am such a new blog posts since last Thursday! Yikes. I guess it's time for me to step up to the plate and get some worthy reading up! On the LJ community I am part of, each week we do a post called Thankful Thursdays. I'm going to bring that over here today :)

Today I am thankful for:

  • My 6 year old little heathen, even if he does try my patience and throw head-spinning, pea soup spitting fits. Wait...isn't that most 6 year olds?
  • I have a nice house to move into at the end of August when I go home to Michigan that will have plenty of space for my supplies.
  • Heathen's Hearth surpassed 1,400 sales this week!
  • Coffee!!!!!!!
Speaking of coffee (you know it's one of my favorite things in the entire world, rating somewhere between my son and my honey on the"I love" scale and between breathing and sleeping on the "must-have" scale), so it's no wonder we have an array of these deliciously tempting, "too much blood in my caffeine system items!"

Orange Mocha Soap
With added cocoa and shea butter, we blended double brewed coffee, coffee grounds for light exfoliation, sweet orange essential oil and chocolate fragrance oil for a mouth-watering aroma that you will be hard-pressed (coffee pun fully intended) to resist!

Cafe Latte Lip Balm
The delicious taste of a smooth Cafe Late in a smooth, moisturizing balm for your lips.

Jupita Caramel Macchiato Soap
The aroma of fresh-brewed cappuccino, filled with heavy cream, and sweetened with sugary caramel over ice! Sweet, smooth and cool...just like it's namesake.

Cafe Mocha Goat's Milk Soap

Just like your favorite coffee shop mocha, this soap is perfect a way to start your day. Made with real coffee bean for a burst of caffeine for your skin! Caffeine isn't just for your morning pick-me-up any more. Its also been shown to have excellent restorative affects on your skin as well!

Cafe Mocha Sugar Scrub

Our Cafe Mocha Sugar Scrub contains real coffee grounds for extra exfoliation. It also contains caffeine which has been shown to have excellent restorative affects on your skin as well!

Orange Vanilla Latte Soap

The heavenly scent of robust coffee blended with creamy vanilla and orange, with added coffee ground for light exfoliation...makes absolutely dreamy bathing experience!

We've also introduced some new products in our shop that are summer must-haves!

Pest Repellent Spray
A unique blend of natural essential oils in a base of witch hazel and organic aloe juice. This is a synergistic blend of mother nature's best defense against little biting pests!

Pest Repellent Soap

This soap contains a unique blend of therapeutic grade essential oils that have been shown to be repellent to a number of bugs and pests including: mosquitoes, flies, gnats, ticks and fleas. Each essential oil was chosen both for its bug repellent qualities *and* for the clean and uplifting scents they leave behind.

Soothing After Sun Spray

Aloe juice will soothe and help to moisturize your skin while our blend of essential oils are known to help speed the healing of sunburned and dry skin...and the added peppermint will leave you feeling cool and refreshed.

We are always adding new Cold & Hot Process Soaps and make sure you check out our Facial Care Section for some great soaps and masks....and be on the lookout for Facial Toners soon!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A chance to win a bar of Heathen's Hearth Soap!

CreateAThought is having an awesome giveaway on her blog for a change to win our CreateAThought Soap and some goodies from her shop!

Check it out here!