Thursday, July 16, 2009

Free The Teen! - Free Shipping Sale!

Hi there!

It is almost the end of the summer, how have you been spending yours?

Tyler, my son, the 14 year old of the household, has spent his summer babysitting Misty's 6 year old son. While this is a very worthwhile endeavor (and he's been compensated for the time spent), he hasn't yet gotten his summer vacation. We would like to change that by giving him an extended trip to visit with his extended family in Florida.

Effective immediately - We are offering FREE shipping to the United States and Canada ($10 maximum shipping to all other countries). Once we've raised enough money to fund his travel expenses to visit with his favorite cousin the sale will be over, so buy early, and stock up for the rest of the summer so you can take advantage of this great offer!

(This can be combined with any other sale prices in our shop, so stop by soon!)


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