Sunday, September 28, 2008

Last Reminder Everyone!

Our Mini-Spa Basket Give - Away ends on Tuesday Sept. 30th.

Don't forget, if you don't have a blogger account please leave us a way to get in touch with you! :)

Drawing will be held Wednesday Morning and announced by 5pm on Wed. Oct 1st.

Good Luck~!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

YAY! We sold a basket!

We just sold our first Gift Basket!

As Misty and I bounce on the sofa, High 5, and do little happy dances.

Thank you BlissCandles! It was the one you had in your treasury!

Thank you USPS

We've been agonizing over shipping costs. We don't want to overcharge, yet we don't want to undercharge because that means we're losing money (which we have done).

What may cost $2.20 to ship to Pennsylvania costs us $4.80 to ship to California...and there is no way to differentiate that on our Etsy shipping charge...except to charge the higher amount and refund the difference. But that poses another problem. Who will buy a bar of soap which costs $4.50 when the shipping is more expensive than the item?! *I* wouldn't.

We've come up with solutions to this problem.

1. We have purchased smaller boxes to ship out single bars of soap, jars of salts, or scrubs. Smaller boxes and less weight means less to pay for shipping. WOO HOO!

2. We have discovered the awesomeness of Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes and bubble wrap. That means that we can ship up to 6 bars of soap for only $5! YES!

Sometimes you can be 2 efficient!

So, Misty and I (mostly Misty), got all excited this morning because the Treasuries on Etsy were finally opening this morning (ok, this afternoon, but I'm a late sleeper). Now, mind you, until 2 days ago, I had no idea what a treasury was, or how they operated. But, I do now! :-D

So just in case it closed before we could get her treasury in there... I sat on my computer and waited, and then *click* and then *yay* cause it gave me a treasury!

Here's the fun. So did Misty.

So yes, ladies and gents, we have 2 Treasuries. Both of them are called "Cream or Sugar", we didn't realize it would let us do 2, so it took us a bit to figure out we had different treasuries. Unfortunately, you can't change the name once picked...So, off I went to find me some pretty creamy things to fill my treasure chest. Not bad for a morning.

Both of them are filled with lots of very pretty things, so check them out!

For my little monster

I discovered an Etsy shop that I have to share with everyone, especially those of you with kidlets in the family!

MiniMonster has the most awesomely adorable onesies, t-shirts, and bibs you can imagine for your little monster. The lovely Connie there was fantastic with me regarding a custom order I wanted done for my Demon Child. She lists up to 4T, but went beyond the extra mile for me and made up a 5T for my boy in this.

Check out her won't be disappointed. Her prices are great and the best part...she has free shipping through the end of September!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My creative Muse

My creative mused just popped by.

I have a whole collection of fabrics, and never decided what I wanted to do with them before now. (I got lucky about 3-4 years ago, and caught a JoAnn's Fabrics going out of business sale, and bought literally hundreds upon hundreds of yards of fabrics in various styles and types for 80-90% off).

However, my Muse has stopped in to pay a visit. While talking with Misty today, we were discussing a recent debate on Etsy's forums about what is and isn't allowed for use when doing "gift baskets". We fall into the allowable category with ours, however, we also hit upon a way to be even more creative about it, and also make our "baskets" homemade as well. (I'd say hand made, but I only know how to sew on a

So, I am off now to come up with a nice simple design for bags to hold our Basics Gift Set, which currently comes in a basket. When I'm finished designing and stitching a few, they will come in homemade cloth bags that can be re-used as travel bags or small make-up kits.

Yay for creativity on sloggy, rainy, icky days!

Edited to add:

Well, my muse is coming along, but now I need to decide where to go with it. As you can see, the bag is made of the same fabric inside and out, and currently has a bit of a lip/hem at the top.

Now, I can do 2 things from here.

I can flip the lip to the inside of the bag, and use magnetic strips to hold the bag closed,


I can leave the lip where it is and take myself to the store (in all this icky weather madness) and buy some grosgrain ribbon and coordinated thread,

( the nice thing about construction thus far, is the threads are all hidden, so no one has to know I only have white!) then come home and pop on handles.

So readers: What say you?
Magnetic closure (think, make up travel bag)?
Other ideas?

Where you can find us today

The lovely Barb of BarabaBeads is featuring us on her blog today! Amy did a short interview and answered some questions...check it out!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where you can find us...

Heathen's Hearth is being featured on Growing Notes today! Check it out and then make sure you check out her shop, Bellflower Textiles, where you can find some adorable onesies, t-shirts for your kidlets, and even some handmade kitchen linens!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beautiful Art

As an amatuer photographer, I am absolutely enamored of black and white art prints and photographs. My favorites are usually landscapes, but I appreciate the finer details of images that are truly unique.

This, is one of them:

Its an art print by Eirenraevall, and uses one of my favorite techniques to play with in the darkroom, being layered or sandwhiched negatives.
This image speaks to me especially, because the lighting captures the seeming sadness or resignation of the girl/angel trapped behind and reaching through the fence. Its a very personal touchstone for me.

Just a friendly reminder!

That we still have a few days left for our monthly gift give-away.

September's gift is for a free sample sized Spa Basket - One night of pure indulgence! !

You'll get all of the things that would usually go into our full size spa basket, but in miniature. Each basket will contain (1) 1.5oz bar of bath soap (in either the Creamy Goats Milk, or Silky Shea Butter, depending on the scent of the month) with a terry cloth soap saver bag, (1) 2oz Luxurious Body Cream, (1) 2oz Skin Softening Salt Soak, (1) 1oz Moisturizing Milk Bath, (1) Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, (1) 2oz Clear Conditioning Shampoo, and (1) 2oz Silky Smooth Conditioner.

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment in any post during the month of September. The winner will be drawn at random and announced on September 30th. You do need to have an active blogspot account, or leave your email in the post, so we know how to get in touch with you, but it really is fairly simple.

Also, don't forget, all followers of our blog are given 2 chances to win (comments, even multiples, will only enter you once).

The New Paypal?

So, I just signed up for a new service, which operates similar to paypal, but without all the fees. I wonder how well it will work with Etsy, or if it will be a hassle to use. Anything that will eventually cut down on the sometimes exhorbitant fees we all have to pay can't be a bad thing, so I guess I will see how it goes.

In the meantime, click the button to get more information! Maybe if more of us use it, it will become an integrated option for our Etsy shop.

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

Label Frustration

Ah, well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. It just so happens that I'm the grumpier of the two of us, so no surprise that I am here being grumpy.

Really though, this is also a question for those of you who make things, anything really, that requires a label (soaps, bath products, foodstuffs, etc). Where do you get your labels? I like our labels, to a certain extent. They're very simple, and elegant (I think) in a fairly understated kind of way. They're basic white labels with whatever we choose to put on them, text wise, but have no color or unique identity to them. I'm also concerned that the paper labels we're currently using, will deteriorate very quickly on items like our sugar scrubs, lotions, and others that will typically stay in the powder rooms of our customers, and so I was hoping for something more durable.

That said, I also don't think, when comparing them to other people's labels, that they look as professional as they could. So I went looking tonight for places online where I could have labels created, and the costs are staggering! Not only the cost, but the quantities required (1000 per design minimum at most places) are amazingly high - especially when you take into consideration that we'd need 1 set of 1000 labels for each scent of each product, which would put us needing to order in the neighborhood of multiple tens of thousands of labels. Hopeful for a good business as I may be, that many labels would take us years to go through.

So what is a small business - with limited funds - to do?

I really love these labels: , however, at anywhere between .25 and .75 per label, while they are the most convenient (because we can order in very small batches), they are also still rather pricey for what I want. At that point, we'd either be eating into our small profit margin, or having to increase the prices to justify the cost of the labels. (Though, admittedly, the price per label is actually very similar in cost to the bigger companies that require 1000 labels at a time).
So, is this all there is out there? Anyone have any other suggestions? I'm all ears, or eyes, as the case may be.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Fever

Has hit me! I had to make pumpkin goodies and I had to make them NOW!
Here's what I got accomplished tonight...
Mini Pumpkin Pie Tarts with Cream Cheese Frosting

Pumpkin Cookies with Chocolate and Butterscotch Chips

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I decided to put my bath stuff away for the afternoon and try my hand at some English Toffee. It turned out perfectly, even if I do say so myself! And the taste? Mmmmm....I think I need to go get another piece!

It was actually pretty easy and quick to make (as long as you don't count me dropping the thermometer in it and burning the tip of my finger).

I thought about baking some cookies, but eh...I think I'll just finish watching House and munching on my toffee!

Well, crap.

I made a few batches of Moisturizing Bath Bombs last weekend and they've been fine over the last week...but when I checked on them today, they were kind of soft and crumbly. Damn it.

I've made our Etsy listings for them inactive for now until I can figure out what went wrong.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Manly Soap

My sweetie suffers from oily skin and is constantly trying to find something to wash with that won't leave his skin greasy. Normally I make him Goat's Milk soap with honey and oatmeal...and while he loves it, it just isn't doing the job as well as I'd like.

Today I decided to break out the bentonite clay since it absorbs oil and is thought to help with acne. I added it, along with his favorite scent to some of our Silky Shea Butter soap and got this.

I think it turned out really well....even if it is gray, lol. Actually, I think the color is great for a man. I know my sweetie doesn't feel quite as frilly using this.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Etsy on

Too cool. Check it out here.

Whew! What A Week!

I can barely remember ever being so relieved that it's a Friday.

I have been neglecting the Etsy forums and this blog. I've got some things that need to be accomplished on the schedule this weekend...but first and foremost is time with my sweetie. A bonfire tonight (now that it's getting down in the 60's at night) and a lazy day together tomorrow. Sunday he has duty, so I will be working my booty off.

For now...I'm reading blogs from my faves and then I'll be heading over to the forums.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chuggin' along

Ms. Kim over at MyCozyCreations did a fabulous job with her post about us...she's gotten over 50 comment/entries and that's just since yesterday. I am still amazed...sometimes I feel like Sally Field in her Oscar acceptance speech...."They like it...they really like it!" :-D

We were contacted by an Etsy seller who asked if she could feature us in her blog. I can't begin to tell you how flattered I am by that! Keep reading, I'll have a post up in a week or so letting everyone know about it...and of course, there will be a give-away with it also.

We recieved a convo from Vickie from The Rustic Home who purhased some of our products. She just sent a message to let us know how much she and her daughter loved our lotion and soap. Talk about your warm fuzzy! I think I almost shed a tear or was really a wonderful way to start my day. She has some amazing things in her shop and is running a great special right now through the end of September. Stop by and see!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who Doesn't Like Free Stuff?

If you don't, then ignore this post. ;-)

If you DO, then hightail your little behind over to!

The lovely and talented Ms. Kim of MyCozyCreations was kind enough to feature Heathen's Hearth in her blog this week and has a drawing for two sets of freebies from us. Who can pass that up?!

Monday, September 15, 2008


I can't get into Etsy! It's my crack and I feel like I'm going through withdrawals!

Actually, I had to futz around with our Pomegranate Vanilla and our Blueberry Cobbler Scrumptious Sugar Scrubs. As pretty as the bright colors are, I don't want to take the chance of staining any customers showers, towels or skin. I have new photos to upload to show the still pretty, but now slightly muted new colors. soon as the site is back up and running, I'll get them posted.

*taps fingers*

The Damned Muse

On an Etsy overflowing with gorgeous jewelry, I wanted to take a moment or two to share with you my very favorite. I'm not going to do a super long interview or anything of that sort...her work speaks for itself. Everyone should click and see what Kelly over at The Damned Muse has going on. You won't be sorry!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Her Highness

We are finally getting some sales! Well, we've had sales, but all from people we know. Not that their money isn't as good, lol..but it gives me a warm fuzzy to see other Etsy sellers and people completely unknown to us buying our products.

We have been promoting and networking like mad. Spending countless hours sucked into the Etsy forums, blogging (which I love), reading other blogs and commenting (again, which I love...there are so many talented people out there!), and I signed up for Entrecard. It has brought us some readers, which is good.

Today as I was getting some orders ready to ship, I found Queen Quinn hindering my work. She Who Must Be Obeyed would not let me get a box until I gave her enough love. Silly kitty.

Bath Products for MEN?!

We've been making a few varieties of soaps that have a definite masculine scent to them and I know washing with a bar of soap isn't a foreign or exotic concept for men. Or at least most of them ;-).

But when it comes to lotions, bath salts, sugar scrubs, etc for there really a market for it?

The main reason I'm asking is because while putting some baskets together this morning, I did a set of Sandalwood. While, I've had men and women alike purchase the soap, only women have bought any of the other Sandalwood products. I did the set in a what I think of as a masculine basket and was really gearing it toward the male population.

Gentlemen, would you purchase and use something like this for yourself? Ladies, would you purchase and give something like this to a special man in your life?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Dropped A Bomb

Or at least it looks like I did in my kitchen.

A day spent making sugar scrubs and then bath bombs has an adverse effect on my normally neat and clean countertops. I didn't even get everything made that I had planned, but I have to admit that the outcome is worth it even if my honey says they look like mini Death Stars. Good thing I'm a Star Wars fan!

You're So Smooth

ACK! I just can't stop! I think I need 1o more hands and at least 12 more hours in a day in order to make everything I think about. At least my addiction produces some wonderfully decadent treats for your body...and the latest is no exception.

I'm happy to present the first 5 scents of our Scrumptious Sugar Scrubs made with pure sugar and a mixture of sweet almond, evening primrose and jojoba oils:

Friday, September 12, 2008

Less Is More

Well, at least in some cases, but please don't tell my sweetie that I said that! While shopping for the supplies for our Autumn Baskets and Halloween Gift Sets, I came across some stunning dishes. My mind was already making plans before my hands even had time to pick them up.

I love the simple elegance of them. They are beautiful without being flashy. And best of all, they would go with just about any decor. We are offering them as a gift set with the customer's choice of our handmade soap and a terry cloth handtied with raffia. Beautiful gift giving made wonderfully simple.

Olive Ceramic Soap Dish Gift Set

Mahogany Ceramic Soap Dish Gift Set

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Trick or Treat!

I just couldn't stop with the Fall Harvest Mini, no, no...I had to do more, lol. I'm starting to wonder if it's an addiction... honor of the best (in my not-so-humble opinion) holiday of the year, we are proud to present these delightfully spooky gift sets:

What could be better for the big (or little) monster in your life?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cute, Comfy, Cozy...

with a definite touch of Autumn...

It was such a rainy and blah day today...but at the same time, made me want something warm and cozy and put me in the mood for anything and everything Autumn. So, when I got home, I put these cute babies together!

News, Announcements and Other Fun Stuff

Uh oh. Everyone duck! I have been thinking again. :-)

I made a post yesterday in my private LJ, of which I won't repeat the full post verbatim, but I will give you the rough outline of.

September 15 will be the 6th anniversary of my daughter's death. She died after a three month battle with brain cancer. Never fear, this isn't going to turn into a post about personal battles, but its important to how the Idea came about. You see, September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and for a while now, since we started the shop actually, I have been debating the idea of setting aside a product or scent every month, and donating a portion of the profits from those sales to charity. I began thinking about it seriously this week, as a way for me to do something good with the memories of my daughter.

This morning, Misty and I talked it over, and decided that making these charitable contributions is a good idea. So, with that in mind, each month, in both our Etsy page announcement section, and here in our blog, I will post what soaps fall under the "Scents of the Month", there will usually be 2, though at times only 1 will apply. For each purchase of an eligible "scent of the month" soap, 10% of the profit from those purchases will be donated to a specific charity, that will also be listed.

For the month of September, since it is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we have chosen Orange Ginger and Citrus Amber as the scents (we're trying to make it match roughly to the awareness color...Childhood Cancer is gold, so those two were pretty close). So for each bar of those two purchased, 10% will go to CureSearch - The National Childhood Cancer Foundation, Children's Oncology Group.

For the month of October, the scents will be Strawberry Cream and Pomegranite Vanilla, and 10% of the profits from those sales will go to the Susan G Komen Foundation.

The next announcement is where the fun begins! (Like getting to spoil yourself with yummy bath goodies and know that you're helping a good cause all at the same time isn't enough!) We have also decided, to have a monthly drawing for a free sample sized Spa Basket! One night of pure indulgence, for free!

You'll get all of the things that would usually go into our full size spa basket, but in miniature. Each basket will contain (1) 1.5oz bar of bath soap (in either the Creamy Goats Milk, or Silky Shea Butter, depending on the scent of the month) with a terry cloth soap saver bag, (1) 2oz Luxurious Body Cream, (1) 2oz Skin Softening Salt Soak, (1) 1oz Moisturizing Milk Bath, (1) Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, (1) 2oz Clear Conditioning Shampoo, and (1) 2oz Silky Smooth Conditioner.

All you need to do is leave a comment to any post during the month of September, and you'll be automatically entered in the drawing. (Each month will start over new, so come back soon to check for October's Free Gift!).

Also, for those who follow our blog (by clicking "Follow this Blog" on the right), you'll be given a second entry and double your chances of winning!

Winner will be announced in a special blog post on September 30th.

So, I think that's all from me today...lots of fun things to come. Later!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And just when I thought it couldn't get any better...

...I discovered the food section of Etsy. I want to buy every item listed. It all looks so good...caramels, cookies, fudge, jams...then I got to thinking. Word on the street is that I'm not too shabby when it comes to baking and cooking. In fact, about 4 years ago, I went on a canning craze. I made applesauce, apple butter, caramel apple jam, blueberry jam, pumkin butter, lemon butter...and of course melt-in-your-mouth Scottish shortbread. I had so much of the stuff, I decided to do a local craft show...which led to custom basket orders. Really, the only reason I stopped was because my then husband and I went through a divorce and I didn't have the time to continue.

So now, onto the thinking I referred to. I already promised my honey that I would be making him apple butter this Fall and I've been craving my lemon why not make more? When canning, it's best to do it in large batches...and really, when you're finished, is there anything more satisfying than seeing your counter or pantry full of yummies? (just don't look at the dirty dishes). The only thing better than that is knowing other people love your stuff so much they will PAY for it.

When we started Heathen's Hearth it wasn't just for bath & body products. We had the idea in the back of our minds that we would expand and grow. I think this may be the perfect way to do so.

Monday, September 8, 2008

I don't wanna grow up

I'm a Toy's R Us kid! *sings*

Ok, ok. some of us are more of a kid at heart than others, but even if we aren't, at least we can still look younger. According to Dr. Robyn Tisdale Scott, using products with shea butter in it can help us slow down the aging process.

"Organic Shea Butter is a moisturizer, but studies show that it can do much
more. It actually has anti-aging properties which fight lines and wrinkles, dull
skin and dryness. This will help immensely in the fight against aging. Shea
Butter contains
Vitamins A and E, and is a great source of specific healthy fats and acids which are great for your skin. In fact, some studies show that you can tell a difference in the way your skin looks in just 4 to 6 weeks. Smoother, softer and supple skin can all be achieved with Shea Butter, and it also protects your skin from the sun."

You can read the full article here.

I can seeee youuuuu

Well, no, I really can't, but I finally figured out how to install a tracker here. I kept reading other people talk about how many hits their blog gets and I couldn't figure out how they knew! Silly me...I thought that perhaps Blogger had a built in tracker and I was just being less than intelligent and couldn't find it...but that's not the case! I am not yet verifiably dim-witted nor does Blogger have one built in.

I found StatCounter and already love it :). Now I can see how many people are viewing us each day and become depressed at the low number, lol. It will pick up, I'm sure. Everyone says "Blog, blog, blog and then blog some more!" does one work full time outside of the house, run a home-based business on top of that, AND blog daily? I'll give it my best shot! Maybe if I spend less time drooling over the pretties on Etsy each day....

Sunday, September 7, 2008

So many wonderful things!

I am constantly amazed at the treasures I find on Etsy. Each day I find at least 20 things that I "just HAVE to have!"

I wanted to take a minute and share some of the beautiful things that have grabbed my attention.

Heather Brown and Paprika Mary Jane

Each of the above items are just one of many gorgeous things listed in each yourself a favor and make sure you check out theses sellers!

Getting the word out

We've finally ordered supplies to start on our sugar scrubs, milk baths, and shampoo and conditioners. They should be delivered mid next week, hopefully...and then I'll be a busy little bee!

We have a holiday craft show on our schedule for the first weekend of December. I have a few weeks to get some pictures taken, the application completed and mailed in. I'm crossing my fingers we'll be chosen to participate. I'm anxious to put together more gift baskets and I think a holiday craft show is the perfect venue to sell them.

We're trying like mad to network and get the word out. Most of the sales we've had so far are from people we "know" from some of our ususal online haunts, a couple more due to recommendations, and our largest sale so far -- we answered an add on Freecycle for packing peanuts and left some soap and lotion samples for the lady. She contacted us a couple days later to place a large order...some for her, some to give away as gifts!

I'm spending a lot of time reading the Etsy forums (especially Business Topics) and also checking out other sellers' blogs. I'm going to start adding some of them as favorites here....there are just so many talented and crafty folks out there!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


A few new scents! We got busy in the kitchen and came up with some great Fall/Winter scents that I think everyone will love!

Honey Oatmeal Cake
Orange Pomander
Lavender Mint
Lemon & Sage
Lemongrass & Thyme
Blueberry Cobbler

....all in our Creamy Goat's Milk Base.

Pictures to follow and listings on Etsy tomorrow :)

The Wonders of Networking

First up, its all about networking and word of mouth.

Amy contacted someone in our local Freecycle list because she is giving away a bag full of packing peanuts, and she has asked for samples of our soap, so we took her some samples of Cucumber Mint soap and lotion. She emailed Amy back raving about it and said that we'd be seeing her around the holidays. :)

Amy is also planning on taking some samples and business cards with her next week and for J to take to work with him. T has taken some and gotten a few orders from his minions at work, who are also spreading the word to their girlfriends, etc.

In the meantime we've been getting rave reviews from people who have already purchased the soap, including these:

--I wanted to say that I LOVE your soaps! My skin is no longer dry and itchy after baths and showers and I've even stopped using lotion afterwards daily. [My kids] who are even more prone to dry skin than me (the ones with eczema) have been using it and I see a big difference there too. Plus they smell like thin mint cookies when they're done and they like that. I'll definitely be a repeat customer. And now that I see you have bath salts up, I'll be ordering sooner rather than later. - Aylwyn

--This soap is pretty awesome. The dragon's blood scent isn't overwhelming like some dragon's blood products I've used. It also looks nice and makes my skin soft. - Pinkcaffiene

--This, too, is awesome. I've used some sandalwood products made by other people that really overwhelm me with the smell, this is not that way, just right. As with the others, it made my skin really soft, rinsed off cleanly and.. well, cleaned. Good stuff. - Pinkcaffiene

--Suds up awesomely. Definately softened the skin. - Pearls

--These are amazing soaps, that last a long time. There's nothing like Lavender mint to wake you up in the morning, and cinnamon nutmeg to put you to sleep. - Mohnkern

I won't mention my receptionist who after using the Pomegranate Vanilla soap forced me to feel how soft her skin is....she says she's our #1 fan. #1! LOL.

Yay for good reviews.

We also have a couple of sales going on at Etsy including:

A Labor Day Special on our Basic Gift Set (1 bar soap, 1 8oz lotion, 1 9oz bath salt) at $16.50, over 25% off our regular price of $22.50.

And we also have special on bar soaps, through Etsy only, Buy 5 regularly priced bars, get 1 free.

As well, we've decided to start phasing out our summertime scents (Citrus Amber, Strawberry Vanilla, Orange Cream, Lemon Cream, Tea Tree and Chamomile, Cucumber Mint, and Ocean Breeze), and those (soaps only) are currently on sale for $3 a bar while supplies last.

In the works currently, are final plans and purchases so that we can begin to create our larger gift baskets, including Smoothing Sugar Scrub, All Natural Un-Beatable Body Butter, Luscious Lip Balms (also all natural), and Ultra Moisturizing Bath Bombs. We will be getting them started soon, so that we can be ready for craft shows in the fall and ready for shipping to customers who order online.

We're also offering Gift Shipping, so that anyone who wants to order and save postage by not having to mail things twice, can tell us who to send the gift to, and we'll mail the package directly to the gift recipient. We'll include a gift copy of the invoice (no prices included) and a gift card with the purchaser's requested greeting in the gift package, and email the actual invoice to the person purchasing the order. All that will be required is that each gift shipped will pay the full shipping price and no multiple purchase discounts can be applied to shipping. Wrapping the gift (inside the box) can also be included for a small additional fee. All in all things seem to be going pretty well for a brand new business.

And remember, if you have a special request, just ask...we're pretty flexible!