Sunday, September 7, 2008

Getting the word out

We've finally ordered supplies to start on our sugar scrubs, milk baths, and shampoo and conditioners. They should be delivered mid next week, hopefully...and then I'll be a busy little bee!

We have a holiday craft show on our schedule for the first weekend of December. I have a few weeks to get some pictures taken, the application completed and mailed in. I'm crossing my fingers we'll be chosen to participate. I'm anxious to put together more gift baskets and I think a holiday craft show is the perfect venue to sell them.

We're trying like mad to network and get the word out. Most of the sales we've had so far are from people we "know" from some of our ususal online haunts, a couple more due to recommendations, and our largest sale so far -- we answered an add on Freecycle for packing peanuts and left some soap and lotion samples for the lady. She contacted us a couple days later to place a large order...some for her, some to give away as gifts!

I'm spending a lot of time reading the Etsy forums (especially Business Topics) and also checking out other sellers' blogs. I'm going to start adding some of them as favorites here....there are just so many talented and crafty folks out there!

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