Monday, September 8, 2008

I can seeee youuuuu

Well, no, I really can't, but I finally figured out how to install a tracker here. I kept reading other people talk about how many hits their blog gets and I couldn't figure out how they knew! Silly me...I thought that perhaps Blogger had a built in tracker and I was just being less than intelligent and couldn't find it...but that's not the case! I am not yet verifiably dim-witted nor does Blogger have one built in.

I found StatCounter and already love it :). Now I can see how many people are viewing us each day and become depressed at the low number, lol. It will pick up, I'm sure. Everyone says "Blog, blog, blog and then blog some more!" does one work full time outside of the house, run a home-based business on top of that, AND blog daily? I'll give it my best shot! Maybe if I spend less time drooling over the pretties on Etsy each day....

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