Saturday, September 20, 2008

Manly Soap

My sweetie suffers from oily skin and is constantly trying to find something to wash with that won't leave his skin greasy. Normally I make him Goat's Milk soap with honey and oatmeal...and while he loves it, it just isn't doing the job as well as I'd like.

Today I decided to break out the bentonite clay since it absorbs oil and is thought to help with acne. I added it, along with his favorite scent to some of our Silky Shea Butter soap and got this.

I think it turned out really well....even if it is gray, lol. Actually, I think the color is great for a man. I know my sweetie doesn't feel quite as frilly using this.


Anonymous said...

Very nice soaps...I definitely think these would make great gifts!!

di said...

Yea, the color is great for men and i love the celtic like design! Di

Ragtree said...
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