Friday, September 12, 2008

Less Is More

Well, at least in some cases, but please don't tell my sweetie that I said that! While shopping for the supplies for our Autumn Baskets and Halloween Gift Sets, I came across some stunning dishes. My mind was already making plans before my hands even had time to pick them up.

I love the simple elegance of them. They are beautiful without being flashy. And best of all, they would go with just about any decor. We are offering them as a gift set with the customer's choice of our handmade soap and a terry cloth handtied with raffia. Beautiful gift giving made wonderfully simple.

Olive Ceramic Soap Dish Gift Set

Mahogany Ceramic Soap Dish Gift Set


Liz said...

what a lovely display of your product. Your items on your etsy slide are very nice also. Best wishes

BeadedTail said...

Beautiful gift set! I love those dishes!