Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bath Products for MEN?!

We've been making a few varieties of soaps that have a definite masculine scent to them and I know washing with a bar of soap isn't a foreign or exotic concept for men. Or at least most of them ;-).

But when it comes to lotions, bath salts, sugar scrubs, etc for there really a market for it?

The main reason I'm asking is because while putting some baskets together this morning, I did a set of Sandalwood. While, I've had men and women alike purchase the soap, only women have bought any of the other Sandalwood products. I did the set in a what I think of as a masculine basket and was really gearing it toward the male population.

Gentlemen, would you purchase and use something like this for yourself? Ladies, would you purchase and give something like this to a special man in your life?

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Barbara Beads said...

I think everything but the bath salts would be great for guys! My Fiance wouldn't use bath salts but I think he would use the other items. I love sandlewood too.