Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thank you USPS

We've been agonizing over shipping costs. We don't want to overcharge, yet we don't want to undercharge because that means we're losing money (which we have done).

What may cost $2.20 to ship to Pennsylvania costs us $4.80 to ship to California...and there is no way to differentiate that on our Etsy shipping charge...except to charge the higher amount and refund the difference. But that poses another problem. Who will buy a bar of soap which costs $4.50 when the shipping is more expensive than the item?! *I* wouldn't.

We've come up with solutions to this problem.

1. We have purchased smaller boxes to ship out single bars of soap, jars of salts, or scrubs. Smaller boxes and less weight means less to pay for shipping. WOO HOO!

2. We have discovered the awesomeness of Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes and bubble wrap. That means that we can ship up to 6 bars of soap for only $5! YES!

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