Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Wonders of Networking

First up, its all about networking and word of mouth.

Amy contacted someone in our local Freecycle list because she is giving away a bag full of packing peanuts, and she has asked for samples of our soap, so we took her some samples of Cucumber Mint soap and lotion. She emailed Amy back raving about it and said that we'd be seeing her around the holidays. :)

Amy is also planning on taking some samples and business cards with her next week and for J to take to work with him. T has taken some and gotten a few orders from his minions at work, who are also spreading the word to their girlfriends, etc.

In the meantime we've been getting rave reviews from people who have already purchased the soap, including these:

--I wanted to say that I LOVE your soaps! My skin is no longer dry and itchy after baths and showers and I've even stopped using lotion afterwards daily. [My kids] who are even more prone to dry skin than me (the ones with eczema) have been using it and I see a big difference there too. Plus they smell like thin mint cookies when they're done and they like that. I'll definitely be a repeat customer. And now that I see you have bath salts up, I'll be ordering sooner rather than later. - Aylwyn

--This soap is pretty awesome. The dragon's blood scent isn't overwhelming like some dragon's blood products I've used. It also looks nice and makes my skin soft. - Pinkcaffiene

--This, too, is awesome. I've used some sandalwood products made by other people that really overwhelm me with the smell, this is not that way, just right. As with the others, it made my skin really soft, rinsed off cleanly and.. well, cleaned. Good stuff. - Pinkcaffiene

--Suds up awesomely. Definately softened the skin. - Pearls

--These are amazing soaps, that last a long time. There's nothing like Lavender mint to wake you up in the morning, and cinnamon nutmeg to put you to sleep. - Mohnkern

I won't mention my receptionist who after using the Pomegranate Vanilla soap forced me to feel how soft her skin is....she says she's our #1 fan. #1! LOL.

Yay for good reviews.

We also have a couple of sales going on at Etsy including:

A Labor Day Special on our Basic Gift Set (1 bar soap, 1 8oz lotion, 1 9oz bath salt) at $16.50, over 25% off our regular price of $22.50.

And we also have special on bar soaps, through Etsy only, Buy 5 regularly priced bars, get 1 free.

As well, we've decided to start phasing out our summertime scents (Citrus Amber, Strawberry Vanilla, Orange Cream, Lemon Cream, Tea Tree and Chamomile, Cucumber Mint, and Ocean Breeze), and those (soaps only) are currently on sale for $3 a bar while supplies last.

In the works currently, are final plans and purchases so that we can begin to create our larger gift baskets, including Smoothing Sugar Scrub, All Natural Un-Beatable Body Butter, Luscious Lip Balms (also all natural), and Ultra Moisturizing Bath Bombs. We will be getting them started soon, so that we can be ready for craft shows in the fall and ready for shipping to customers who order online.

We're also offering Gift Shipping, so that anyone who wants to order and save postage by not having to mail things twice, can tell us who to send the gift to, and we'll mail the package directly to the gift recipient. We'll include a gift copy of the invoice (no prices included) and a gift card with the purchaser's requested greeting in the gift package, and email the actual invoice to the person purchasing the order. All that will be required is that each gift shipped will pay the full shipping price and no multiple purchase discounts can be applied to shipping. Wrapping the gift (inside the box) can also be included for a small additional fee. All in all things seem to be going pretty well for a brand new business.

And remember, if you have a special request, just ask...we're pretty flexible!

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