Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Blues and Migraines

It is Monday right? I forget to keep track of these things sometimes.

Only 1.5 days left in the War of the Heathens and I'm still down 15-17. I will survive. *sigh*.

Where are all of our Sandalwood lovers, I ask you? Apparently they are hiding out.

Today was made even duller than the weather (can it PUH LEASE stop raining now?) by a caffeine withdraw migraine about mid-afternoon. I really need to remember to drink more coffee in the morning. It slowed my production abilities to a crawl, so I was only able to finish up about half our orders from yesterday, and was completely off on being able to finish the last of our Etsy Inspirations Soaps, but I promise they'll be the first thing I do tomorrow. The pictures might not be all that and a slice of cheesecake with this dreary weather, but I'll do my best.

Worst case scenario they'll be listed Wednesday morning after the sun (supposedly) comes back out again.

So... sneak peak for this week and a review of all things Heathen.

Tuesday: The remaining 3-4 Etsy Inspirations Soaps waiting in the wings will be completed and listed.

at 11:59am all Sandalwood and Pink Sugar items go back to their normal prices.
at 12:00pm the new weekly specials will start - as well as a kickin blog promo to go along with keep your eyes peeled for that post! Twitter followers will get a slightly earlier announcement.


Our "Start Spring with a Starter Set" Give away will end at 11:59pm. Including comments, followers and sales we have a couple of hundred entries! Woot!

The winner of our Pick the Winner of the War mini-give away (of 1 travel bar each Sandalwood and Pink Sugar) will be announced.


That's about as far ahead as I like to plan, but stay tuned for more information to be announced. Like the winner of our War - and what's on the menu for breakfast in bed.

:-) What's going on in your week readers? Anything new and fascinating? Any other give -aways we should be aware of?

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