Wednesday, March 18, 2009

War of the Heathens T-2 Hours: The Final Battle

War of the Heathens: Sandalwood vs Pink Sugar

The Final Battle

It has been a good War thus far. There were some minor skirmishes, a bit of dirty play, but alas, none of the followers of Sandalwood or Pink sugar gave into the temptation to play dirty. They have risen above that.

So here is a recap in our final hours:
Pink Sugar took the lead early and kept it almost the whole week.

Early Sunday morning, Black Celtic Sandalwood made the Front Page of Etsy to plead its case before the masses.

It took until Tuesday for the people to respond to Sandalwood's overtures, but the lovers and supporters of Sandalwood finally began coming out of the woodwork, and by Tuesday afternoon, Sandalwood, with their help, finally began turning the tides of war.

It took the help of his trusted companion, the ever creamy and gentle Sandalwood Goats Milk to push the battle back to even grounds:

The final push was made by Sandalwood Bath Melts, a newbie to the fields of war:

So this is it ladies and gentlemen. As of this moment we are 1 hour and 44 minutes to the end of the war.

Both Sandalwood and Pink Sugar thank you for your support and for rallying to their causes.