Thursday, March 19, 2009

Have You Ever Been Someone's Inspiration?

Come on! Think harder. Everyone has inspired someone at *some* point in their lives, even if they don't know it. So have you ever been anyone's inspiration? Now you can be!

We are looking for 5 people who can inspire us to make a fantastic soap! If you check out our shop's Etsy Inspirations section, you can see what we've already been inspired to create.

You can also read about the soaps, and what we're doing with them in our blog post entitled Viral Marketing...

To summarize, we created a line of soaps inspired by other Etsy artists of all stripes. Each soap gets listed and promoted in our shop, and carries a link back to the Inspirational Artist's shop. When its all said and done we'd like to have 20 Etsy Inspirations. There will actually be 23, as you'll see later today when we unveil the results of the War of the Heathens, but we want 20 outside inspirations.

We feel that in this tight economy, and everyone's marketing and promotional budgets being so much smaller, what could be a better way to help promote one another? We'll make you (well, your essence) into a bar of soap that is beautiful and (hopefully) popular, put it in our shop which gets over 300 hits a day on average which gives your soap, and your shop some free exposure, and in exchange, you get to tell everyone you've been immortalized in soap!

So here's how this is going to work.

You leave us a comment here, telling us why you should be our next Etsy inspiration. What do you do that inspires people? What are you known for? Also give us an idea of what you think your soap would be like... Colors, shape, scent... layers or blended? or maybe something totally different. Get creative, because the best 5 answers will be chosen to be our next set of Etsy Inspirations!

We'll pick the 5 on Wednesday night at 9pm and unveil them next week on Thursday.

And remember have fun with this! Its all about being creative!


mohnkern said...

Okay, I'll go first:

What do you do that inspires people?

I'm the font of knowledge about all things :) I constantly have people coming to me for advice on a variety of topics.

What are you known for?

So many things, but being well versed in all things heathen is probably the big one. Also computer skills that drive people insane.

Also give us an idea of what you think your soap would be like...

Colors -- purple, dark rich purple.

Shape -- A Thors Hammer, and I have the soap mold to send you.

Scent -- Musky, sandalwood, leather, in fact, sandalwood and leather :)

Layered or blended -- Definitely blended, I'm a blended guy.

Melinda said...

Great idea!!!

Inspiration: I like to learn new things and share what I find.

Known for: Making sweaters into usable and wearable felt goodies, and for my love of kale.

Colors: orange

Shape: square (or a teapot)

Scent: tangerine, bergamot

Layered or blended: definitely layered.

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...
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Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

What a great idea! I would love to be a part of this project. As an interior designer, I am asked to suggest final details in a bathroom-,yes even the soap! I try to inspire a life-style. Make things beautiful and comfortable with some whimsy. I love vintage so I would love to see a soap made to resemble the hand shaped vintage ring holder in my etsy shop,vintagedchic. Get it? HAND SOAP!! Thinking brown sugar- thanks....

March 19, 2009 11:48 AM

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I am a I take people's photos and make them into beautiful lasting memories they can cherish forever!

My best selling item is my Custom Name Albums...people love things with a personal touch :)
So I think a soap in the shape of any letter they choose would be great. My name is I could order one in the shape of an "E".

And for scents...Vanilla Bean :) My favorite scent! Typically vanilla things are brown...but I'd like one in a hot pink or teal!

Hope you find me inspiring :)

Mommy Bee said...

(my shop is )

I inspire people as I help them see how easy it is to be green with cloth diapering and cloth pads. I've done a lot of trades to help facilitate people being able to afford getting their own pads/diapers, and I'm often helping people learn how to make their own as well. I just believe so strongly in using cloth, and I try to do whatever I can to help others be able to do it too. :)

I'm known for being helpful. A lot of people ask questions about the type of products I carry, and I'm always happy to provide lots of information whether they buy from me or not. I love creating custom products for people, and have started creating blog posts that answer a lot of the most frequently asked questions (such as information about the pros and cons of the various diapering materials, or washing information for cloth pads).

Now a soap for me, well, yellow and black layers seems obvious--given the "lil bees" thing. :) Multiple layers of each would be pretty spiffy--and something unique. A bee-shaped mold would be so cool, or a honeycomb (maybe that in plain yellow?), but I think a heart would be fitting too.
A clean linen or the baby bee buttermilk scent seem logical, but I also live on the ocean (literally feet from it) so the ocean breeze would be sweet. Whatever it is, definitely some kind of earthy/nature-inspired fresh scent. :) (If you wanted to go with my personal preferences I adore grapefruit. :) )

BeadedTail said...

What a fun idea! Okay, I'll throw my hat in the soap ring!

What do I do to inspire people?
I hope that's inspiring people to be a voice for animals in need and to help educate others about the need for spay and neutering and all around well being of animals!

What am I known for?
Being a major animal lover!

And what would that soap be like?
Mmmm, I'd say in the shape of a pawprint or have pawprints on it such as embedded or whatever. The color would be purple since that's the color of the animal awareness ribbons. And the scent should be something that appeals to men as well as women since it should be for all animal lovers!

Thank you for the opportunity!

MontiLee Stormer said...

Why should I be.

My name is Montilee Stormer and I write Horror and Dark Fantasy – but there’s more to me than my writing. I have the proper manners of a Southern Belle. I am also known for twisted pictures of little black ducks ridden by little plastic babies. I release the Bewbies of Death every October to raise money for breast cancer research to find a cure. I am a compassionate narcissist. I am different things to different people, because – well, I don’t know why, but I’m adaptable and I like the interaction.

While I may not want to inspire people to act upon revenge fantasies or resurrect their dead loved ones (hey, don’t knock it until you give it a shot) I want people to know that touching the inner darkness is okay, and sometimes a little mayhem is good for the shriveled little black soul we keep hidden in our secret hearts.

As for the soap made of me? Clear on the surface with a dark center. I think the scents would start off sweet and bright, like Citris and deeper and musky in the center, like a Sandlewood or a rich deep berry, like Plum. I dunno. I’d want to be a soap that feels like a guilty pleasure and at the same time, it makes you want to go out and conquer something.

Tanya said...

What a great idea and a wonderful way to support other sellers. I'll "audition."

My creativity inspires other people, specifically how I'm always trying to learn new things and I do it on my own.

I'm known for surprising people. When people meet me, I'm really shy, quiet, and I hold back. But those who know me really well know that I'm absolutely insane. I'm silly, sarcastic, and off-beat. People don't think that this tiny well-mannered girl likes death metal and swears like a sailor. You can see my dual personality in my shop (

For scents, I love clean, soap-y smells. I also love flower-y scents (but not overly perfume-y). Not too much into the food scents.

A design that would be "me" would be something layered, or perhaps there would be some sort of inner layer. Like a clear bar, but the inside is a darker bar with a twisty rope design. Kind of like if you stuck one of those black sandalwood soaps inside a glycerin bar. That would look awesome. And the middle layer would have to be black. If I could draw you a picture, I would.

Shana said...

Hey Heathenshearth, great idea for promoting! I would love to be immortalized in soap. :D

As for what I do that inspires people? I have a passion for being creative. I love to write, knit & crochet, compose music, and I'll try almost any craft at least once. I encourage everyone to try crafting something, whether it's fiber arts, music, writing, cooking, jewelry making, soap making, etc etc etc. There's something about the creative process that is uplifting and ennobling, and there's such a great feeling of satisfaction when you find the thing that is right for you and you can create something you're proud of!

I'm probably most know on Etsy for my unique hats:
(example: )
In my personal life, I'm probably most known for being just a little bit crazy. ;D

If I could choose my soap, I would pattern one after my celtic cabled bag pattern:

use the mold used on this listing:

and it would be red or burgundy scented like your LoveSpell scent.

Thanks again! Hope I get chosen!!!

Ariela said...

I try to inspire others by just being myself. I try to be creative in every situation. Even mundane tasks. Life is short, don't let it be boring :)

On Etsy, I am most known for my crazy button creations! I take plain, nothing special about them buttons and turn them into bouquets or even Button Trees. I also make different items out of felt (something I have been working with more recently).

What would my soap be like?
Shades of blue or pink. Something calming yet intriguing.

Shape...Something with a little bird? Maybe a sparrow.

Scent. Something light, hints of floral but not over powering.

Probably blended, even though I am more of a layered person! :)

This is such a great idea! I have loved seeing the items in your shop and the links on Twitter! :)


Toadstools said...

Though generally shy and a bit reserved I am always making things and happy to talk to people interested in what I'm doing. I've been known to sew doll parts while standing in lines. It's fun to have people ask me what I'm doing and start conversations about crafting and art in general. I teach children's art classes and love to see their eyes as the try something completely new. What's better is when their parents ask how they can do it again at home with their kids.

In my community I'm known as my kids mom and the crazy lady artist. Within the SCA I'm Sarra the Lymner and my only trick is calligraphy/illumination. At church I've reluctantly become a church lady (need Dana Carvey's hat) and on too many committees. In etsy - I guess I'm mostly recognized for my dolls.

My soap ... shaped like a toadstool or tree or a faerie?

Colors - deep green or brown, with some earthy scent.
Maybe brown and white layers in coconut and chocolate scents?

Weyakin Designs said...

I'll give it a shot, why not? :-)

A Weyakin soap would be whimsical and swirling... full of purples, greens and blues, but also earthy and natural. Like a faerie of the earth, connected with nature and animals, but also connected to the spirit.

This is the essence I try to capture in what I make. Perhaps a soap could capture this essence as well.

Self Production Design said...

I've had to have Amy remind me in some way or another about this since you guys posted! Twitter reminded me, I bookmarked it. Chat reminded me, I pulled it up in a tab and then forgot about it again. And now I'm here doing it at the last minute because Amy called me a silly goose. =/ I'm not a goose!

ANYWAYS, this is an awesome idea, I've told you both that - it truly is an example of viral marketing.

Sooo, make me soap, I like being soap. It means I smell good and clean dirty naked people. That's.... kind of gross when you think about it.

What do I do that inspires people? I think, by the very nature of inspiration, design inspires.

Whether or not I make sales on Etsy, I think just being around in chat or being available to talk to can help inspire Etsy sellers to do better at marketing or branding or packaging or to keep crafting. Nothing makes me happier than helping someone decide how to brand their business or how to move to the next level, in their heads, on paper, or both. It inspires them to be the best they can, to branch out or par down, to solidify their business or get serious about a hobby. I get to work with inspiration everyday, it's the best thing ever.

And a soap that screams me? Chartreuse and pale sky blue have been the basis of SPD's identity since 2007, and my favorite colors for yearssss. And I always just die over soap scented with lime coconut or tea tree or a variation of mint scents. Yum!


Well first a CREATEaTHOUGHT soap must be aqua because that is the brightest and best color for soap!

Createathought inspires you to create your thoughts and put them on paper, people underestimate the power of written word, leaving a legacy and being therapeutic.

I am known for having a super eclectic shop and trying new project all the time, I start and keep starting new projects all the time!

Scent, possibly love spell because I love to love, always loving something, or Lilac THE BEST FLOWER EVER!

The shape? Can you do a book that would ROCK, or glasses, glasses are HOT, or a square with a pen or the word create, hahah I am not picky