Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Amy vs Misty, The Heathen's Hearth Black vs Pink Soap Off

Starts tomorrow at 12p Eastern (The war ends at 11:59a Eastern time on Wednesday March 18)!

In the first corner, The Defending Champion: Sandalwood in all its earthy glory!

Dressed in Black for the Championship versus match. The head of the pack with over 70 items sold in the last 7.5 months, it has been the reigning champion from Day 1!

In the second corner, The Up and Comer, looking to knock Sandalwood from its Glorious Reign: Pink Sugar!

Bedecked in a lovely Pink Satin. This up and coming prodigy, just weeks on the market and already with 17 items sold! Already 2/3 of the current second place holder.

So here's how this is going to work:

We've already decided that every week we're going to be pairing up a popular scent with a lesser known scent, and each pair is typically 20% off for that week. However, this is such a special challenge that we're upping the ante.

You see, I, Amy, really am just, not thrilled with pink. At. All. I'm not a girly girl. I like black, earthy sensual things. I'm a jeans and t-shirt, hair in a pony tail, I'm not out to impress nobody kind of girl. And Sandalwood is one of my top fave scents of all time.

And This is My Banner:

Misty, on the other hand, *loves* pink. She loves purses, and shoes, and handbags and hair accessories, and jewelry...she is the epitome of girly girl. And Pink Sugar is one of her top fave scents of all time. (no really, she burns so many of AuntieDis candles that my bedroom on the other side of the wall reeks of the stuff).

And This is Misty's Banner:

So I'm sure, dear readers that you can see where this is going.

This week, Starting Wednesday March 11th at 12p Eastern, all Sandalwood and Pink Sugar products will be listed for 25% off their normal prices! This is how we're going to determine who wins the Soap Off...

Whichever scent sells more during the week, regardless of current sales figures, will be determined the new Champion Scent!

But wait! There's MORE!

We currently have 2 banners we rotate on a fairly consistent basis of every other day or so. The beautiful one here on the blog, and the *ahem* Pink one in the shop. The winner gets their banner in both places for the next 2 weeks straight. The loser, in the person of either myself or Misty, will have to make the other one breakfast in bed. (Oh gods please don't let me down people! I can't get out of bed that early and be functional! I'll die!)

So here's the sneak peak at the price list... remember, it all goes on sale tomorrow at 12p Eastern. All items will be located in our Weekly Specials section of the shop to make them nice and easy for everyone to find!

Scrub Cube Samples: ----$1
Scrub Cube Jar: ---------$6
Bath Melt Samples:------$1
Bath Melt Jar:-----------$6.75
Small Bar of Soap:------- $1.50
5oz Bar of Soap:--------- $3.75
4oz sugar Scrub:---------$5.25
8oz sugar Scrub:---------$9
3oz Body Frosting:-------$7
6oz Body Frosting:-------$11.25
12oz Body Frosting:------$19.50

So Cast you vote! Remember that all samples and little bars count, so $2.50 is all that's needed to take part in this historic event! Don't miss out!!!!

Our thanks to the following sponsors of this competition:

Clem of Clemart Design and the now infamous The Clem Soap for the stunning Soap Off: War of the Heathens graphic (feel free to use it to spread the word about this epic battle - tell all your friends!) and for the beautiful girly girl banner!

Chroma of ChromaSmear for the beautifully un-girly banner currently residing at the head of our blog and designer of our all new labels.


Drea said...

Ok, so I bought the clem. What can I say. hehehe...

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

love your saops and your blog.
vintagedchic/Brayton homestead Interiors

GretchenM90 said...

LOL---this is Great! I'll deffinately help out :]

Adamsboro Sundries said...

I have to go with the Pink. I just love the scent.

Heathen's Hearth said...



I will not give up!!!! There are still 6.5 days to go in this War! LOL

Angel said...

I have to say Sandalwood. It is one of my most favorite scents!

oriental banana said...

Just discovered your blog from PW. How fun! My vote's for pink!