Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oooo, I love it slick...

Not like that! Ok, well maybe...

But yes, I am in love with our body/bath/massage oils. I literally have a small breakdown each morning in my bathroom after I shower trying to decide if I should slather myself with Whipped Body Frosting or slick myself with Body Oil.

Decisions, decisions.....its just that freaking good. And trust me when I say this stuff soaks right into your skin and leaves you sooooooooooo amazingly soft...*le sigh*

So because I love it so (as if you couldn't tell), we are offering our customers a few different options other than just 2 ounce bottles (which are, by the way, completely awesome, too)!

First, we have a 1 ounce bottle. Just wanna try a small bit? This is for you in any scent you want.

Want to try a few different scents but not buy full bottles? Try our Buy 3 Get 1 Free - 1 ounce bottles.

're the kind of guy or gal that knows exactly what you want...and you want LOTS of it. Then here you go...a large 8 ounce bottle just for you!

1 comment:

mohnkern said...

I got a couple of bottles of this massage oil, and it's amazing stuff!