Monday, March 2, 2009

May I Have your Attention PLEASE!!!!

We have a winner for our February "Everything But the Bathtub Give Away"!


Envelope please.....


I would just like to say, to everyone who entered, that I wish you all the best of luck... We had 420 entries into this contest!

I'm having trouble opening the envelope. :)
Ya'll really want me to tell you don't you?




You have won the following:
You're going to get

2 ounces of Clarifying Shampoo
2 ounces of Moisturizing Conditioner
2 sampler cubes of Soap (
Goats milk, shea butter or glycerin - your choice)
2 sampler
Scrub Cubes
2 sampler
Bath Melts
2 ounces of
Bath Salts
1 ounce of Scrumptious Sugar Scrub
1 ounce of Body Frosting
1 ounce of
Massage Oil
1 .25 ounce jar of
Lip Balm

All of it in CAFE MOCHA!

Congratulations, and thank you everyone again for entering our Feb Contest. Be on the lookout for your next opportunity to enter a new give away later this week!

~Amy n Misty


NotQuitePhotoJENic said...

Holy Moly Roly Poly!!!

THANKS gals..

I love love love ya!!

mmmm Im gonna be smelling yummmmy!!!


balanced. said...

Awww, congrats Jenn!!

Will be able to smell ya from here. :P