Saturday, March 28, 2009

Its been quiet this week

I certainly hope it doesn't bode for things to come.

I know its always quieter during the summer months, so I am expecting it to slow down a bit, just kind of bites that its going to do it right when we were on the verge of matching our December figures (if things had kept up the pace they were going, April would have matched December)... as it stands we're only 2 sales shy currently of our February numbers.

I'm debating trying my hand at a new lotion recipe sometime in the next couple of weeks. With the heat coming soon, we'll have to discontinue our body frostings because they just don't stand up to extreme heat well (they're fine frozen and brought slowly back to room temp, but heat makes the shea butter grainy).

Anyway, during the summer we all run the risk of dryness and sun damage to our skin, just as much as winter dryness, and the extra water from a standard lotion can be just as good for summer skin as the thicker shea butter is for winter skin. So my debate is going back to the lotion we started with for the summer months or going to a mix of shea butter and aloe and see how that stands up to the heat.

Or we can go with the current option, which is to fall back to having only the bath/body/massage oils and keep the body frostings as a strictly seasonal thing.


NotQuitePhotoJENic said...

I think you should go with the tried and worked option that you may previously have had. (before I knew you.. which didnt REALLY exist yet. Because, I am an existentialist and nothing exists unless I physically see, know, hear, etc whatever it.. haha)

Oh, I digress. But, maybe try the other option with the alow and shea butter and use some of your fav clients (umm me?) as guinea pigs to see how it hold up. (I am in FLORIDA, sooo you can test it in this WAY CRAZY HOOTTTTTT during the summer maddness that is my home.)

This got long winded.

Pimped you the other day.. BTW. My neighbor has crazy skin issues and I gave her the tiny sampler frosting.. and her dead skinned ouchiness does not look inflamed and red and dying today..

Gotta convince her that the internetzzz wont eat her she can buy from ya!

Heathen's Hearth said...

If not, she's welcome to email an order in and we can have her send a money order from the post office. I know of at least one other person who refuses to buy things off the internet - so i don't have an issue with that either.

Glad to know it helped her skin though. Email us we can talk about it if she's interested.

I'm heavily leaning toward the tried and true. It did well, and people really liked the texture and moisturizing ability of that lotion. For the fact that we weren't "making" it, its one of the best out there anywhere.

If I can get a small container of the Shea and Aloe, I'll see about getting volunteers to see how it holds up to shipping. I'm thinking I need 1 from canada, 1 from california, 1 from florida and 1 from the midwest somewhere...just to get a variety of opinions on how it holds up during the various shipping times.

Will have to see how it goes. Either way, couldn't test that theory till May when it starts gettng toasty (Assuming it ever does, its *still* 50 degrees in late march. Blech.

Misty said...

Well, it's true that we know the lotion's good stuff. We can do that for the summer months, but I really would like to try a homemade version of it and see what it does.

Audrey said...

It would be nice if people purchased all year like they do at christmas. I look at the slow time as a time to relax, recoup and figure out new things to make for fall.

aylwyn27 said...

I bought the lotion in question and I liked it. Granted I like the Body Frosting better, but I'd buy the lotion during the summer months.

As you know I'm in the midwest and the kids and I would be willing to be guinea pigs for ya if you need us. :)

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

Oh my, that is incredible- not surprised though your stuff is lovely!