Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I've spent the last 4 days working my booty off at my 8-5 job...it was annual inventory time and that meant every last person (even the poor HR lady) had to be out in the warehouse counting. YUCK. I am so glad it's over because that means I am back at my desk and now have time to dedicate to my favorite job...Heathens's Hearth.

UPS will be delivering 3 new scents today...Gingerbread, Spiced Cranberry, and Frosted Snowdrop...along with some micas. To say I'm excited to get working is an understatement. If I were home today, I'd be worse than my 5 year old little devil waiting for the Ice Cream Man to drive through the neighborhood.

Stay tuned...we will have some beautiful holiday themed goodies for your bod in the next few days!


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Entrex said...

I know the inventory feeling as I work in retail. We use 'beepers' to scan the barcode, than another one has to rescan the same to see if the results match. It takes forever. Luckily my employee has given us a nice incentive - money if the result is within reason.