Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Team Edward!

I am slowly foisting my addiction off on friends, one by one, mwahahahahaha! I gave Amy the Twilight books...she read them just as quickly as I did. Another friend of mine tracked the first one down in Ireland and is half way through it.

In honor of us Twilightaholics, I browsed Etsy today and want to share my favorite items that are inspired by the story.

This Twilight scrabble tile pendant by Raychelham is simple but completely awesome!

This Twilight Cuppie from sugardreamsbakery looks divine...I bet it tastes as good as Edward imagines Bella tastes!

What better to wear to see the movie than this Tee from nekoknickknacks?

And finally, because it made me giggle...

The Jasper scrabble tile pendant from designsbyappletree.


mrsb said...

Haha! Love them!

Moody Girl said...

Awesome. I just started reading the first book actually. I know I know I'm behind the times.

APO (Bem-Trapilho) said...

loved your blog! come visit mine also! :)
big kiss from Portugal!