Friday, November 28, 2008

Contests, Gifts, and Give-Aways


We recently sponsored 2 contests in other blogs. 1 in Bath, Body, Candle for 2 bars of soap (Apple Crisp and Orange Pomander) and another at The Giveaway (for our Spiced Cranberry Mini-Set).

Congratulations to the winners of those contests!


We recieved an unexpected gift today, from HolidayPrimitives over on etsy. She is including 2 of our Tiny Gift Sets as a gift for someone in her life, and included a link back to our shop so people could find us if they were curious about our products. :-) How great is that? And its a cute holiday tote as well! Check it out here:

So thank you HolidayPrimitives! We sincerely appreciate the gesture.

and finally...


I have yet to determine exactly what we should be doing as a give-away for the last holiday of the year, so I thought maybe I'd leave it up to you, our readers! A *choose your own give-away*, kind of like those old "choose the ending" books.

Between now and December 15th (that's 2 weeks from now), go check out our shop, come back here, and tell us what 1 item (max value $10) you would like to recieve as a give-away prize.

Winner will be chosen at Midnight December 15th and posted here in our blog the next morning.

*Bonus!* (Because, what's a contest without a bonus?) Anyone who makes a purchase from our store between now and then, *and* enters our contest via this post, will get 1 additional entry for every $10 spent. So, pick your prize, and get your holiday shopping completed soon!

good luck!



Deanna said...

I'd love to win the Frosted Snowdrop Whipped Body Frosting!

Beadsme said...

I would love to win this. Yummy.

Ant said...

It would be simply too hard to choose!

Bliss Mistress said...

I want to win!

I wanna try a body frosting. Whichever one is Amy's favorite.

Amy said...

@ Bliss Mistress

You can't have my Black Amber Musk! Bwahahahaha...

ok.. so I could make you one. LOL

mrsb said...

You know what I'd want if I won! The Gingerbread Sugar Scrub!

What a great contest!

Sweet Tush said...

Sweet Tush loves the gingerbread!!!
Anything gingerbread especially for the holidays, and without the calories, yummy to my tummy!!!

Angie said...

I love the sound of the Milk bath with honey and yogurt - with milk and honey scent. Yum!

2kute said...

one of each??? LOL
this one for starters

CC said...

I really, really, really want to win the Whipped Body Frosting Sampler Set!!!

Digital Misfit said...

ooohhh I would LOVE to win the Amber skin softening salt soak

It sounds positively blissful for a chilly winter night.

Emily said...

I'd definitely go for the fruit-inspired whipped body frosting sampler set!


demmi said...

nice idea I would want the Cucumber Mint Silky Shea Butter Soap

moonstruckmagic said...

I would love a lavender whipped body butter! It looks like whipped cream just waiting to be slathered LOL

tinastreasures said...

I love them all!! Being a Mother of two, my bath time is my "take me away time". Your products are wonderful!