Monday, November 10, 2008

Pucker Up!

'Cause we're in a beautful treasury of Lemon Drops! Thank you to CurlyGirlCrochet for including our fabulous Lemon Cream Goats Milk Soap in this wonderful collection!
(Clicking the title link *should* take you to the treasury, the weblink is: Stop by and show your appreciation and give it some click-love!)

A few words from a fan of our Lemon Cream Soap, WhiteMagic: I fricken LOVE that soap! I have bought a bunch of soaps, and so far this is the all time fav! The fragrance is awesome and the way it holds up and doesn't get all smooshy like these other soaps I've bought...

You can check out our other Lemon Cream Products in our shop (clicking the pictures will take you to their listing page).

Lemon Cream Scruptious Sugar Scrub with fine grated lemon peel:

In our You Pick the Scent Skin Softening Salt Soak, you can always pick Lemon Cream!

And Coming soon: Lemon Cream Body Butter! We will soon be limiting the amounts of our standard lotion in favor of an All Natural Body Butter, either whipped or solid, as we feel this will be much better for everyone (both in skin-health, and enviromentally). Our body butters are made with high quality ingredients including: Pure Shea and Mango Butter; Apricot Kernal, Coconut, Evening Primrose, Grape Seed, and Sweet Almond Oils.

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Lovely blog, Heathen's Hearth! It was my absolutely pleasure to include your fabulous soap in my Treasury! Thank you so much for mentioning me and "Lemon Drop" in your blog!