Friday, November 14, 2008

Yuletide Greetings

I think this has to be the prettiest soap we've made yet. I can't get over the gorgeous shimmery dark green. It looks so silky and satiny. We call it Yuletide Holiday Soap and it's available in 5 oz and 3 oz bars.

We have this scent because the honey thought we should have a more "manly" scent for the holidays...I guess he didn't want to be using the Frosted Snowdrops or Peppermint after some deliberation, this is what Amy and I decided on.

It's a warm buttery blend of pine, nuts, lavender, coconut, musk, and cedar and it has not only gotten the male seal of approval, just as many women are "ooohhing and aaahhhing" over it.

Also, to go along with the soaps, salts and body frosting in our holiday line, we've started to add some of our Scrumptious Sugar Scrubs.

Frosted Snowdrops Sugar Scrub

Peppermint Frosting Sugar Scrub

Spiced Cranberry Sugar Scrub


mrsb said...

Oh, I bet that's nice!

Amy said...

Its a really great scent. Especially for people who aren't big on flowery scents and prefer more earthy tones.

Thyme2dream said...

It is beautiful!! And I sent a link to my niece who just asked me for a christmas wishlist;-)...I like earthy scents much better!!

Amy said...

Yay for wish lists! :) We definately hope you get your wish. ;-)