Saturday, January 30, 2010

Slacking Saturday!

So I completely neglected the blog this week. My bad!  This was quite a week though.  1 almost failed batch of soap (yay hot process and friends with quicker brains than me!) 1 batch that just absolutely exploded (NEVER make soap when frustrated), and busily trying to catch up after a very frustrating week.

Tuesday my aunt and cousin were in a head on collision car accident (no one was too badly injured) when 3 kids stole a car and went joyriding.  3 cars totally wrecked and countless other episodes of hairy carey. 

I am attempting to solidify my social networking to allow more time for keeping in touch.  I have set up a new fan page for Heathen's Hearth - so stop by and become a fan! Join the mailing list and you can get a coupon for a free bar of soap.

I plan on taking down the standard facebook page for Heathen's Hearth no later than February 15th.

It's barely afternoon and its already a day today.  Blah.  I'm totally slacking today.  Guess its a good thing the weekend has 2 days.  I've always been the first to admit I'm a little backward when it comes to doing things and snow is no different. It makes everyone else so happy... just makes me miserable.

I did manage to get one new listing up today before photoshop crashed on me though.  I'm sooo looking forward to spring!


Tony said...

That is one purty soap hunnie!!

AUNIA KAHN said...

I love this one!

Amy said...

Thank ya thank ya!

That soap is sooo hard to photograph. The glitter/mica makes it hard to catch the details without over exposing it.

Tammy said...

That soap looks awesome!
I'm interested in signing up for your mailing list, how do I do that?

Amy said...

go to the link above, claim the coupon and sign up for the mailing list. Very easy. :)