Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday - I'm in Love - Steampunk Fascination!

Steampunk Fairy By Deconstructress

Ok, so I'm not a huge fan of jewelry.  I normally only wear a ring (my wedding band) and a short necklace with a howling wolf pendant.  The jewelry I wear on a regular basis has emotional or spiritual meaning for me, so I'm very picky about it.  Then too, I don't have what you'd call a social life, and so I don't usually have a reason to doll myself up.

However - there is a possibility I might go to a Steampunk Ball on the 25th of January -in which case I'd definitely need accessories...I already have some clothes around here that I can use for general costuming, but as I was looking for steampunk accessories, I did find some interesting outfits as well as you can see from the first pic in this post (all pictures take you to the shop or the listing in question)...

Decible Productions has this really cool looking necklace "Here Comes the Steampunk Sun"

Welsh Royalty has headgear covered with this really fascinating hair piece/hat. For those (like me) who think a real top had would be... well... over the top!

Alternatively, Instead of a hat, I'd probably go with something slightly more understated (I'm an understated kind of girl) and head for these hair clips that are also from Decibel Productions:

One of my fave sellers - and the woman who really makes me re-think my lack of exciting social life - Deconstructress has combined fairy and steampunk in the really cool outfit at the top of this post - but this outfit by The Jane Victoria is just... amazing!

As for me... I've already bought new laces for my corset.  I have a corset, a skirt with a ribbon tie that will create an artificial bustle... I would need something I can wear under it (it doesn't cover the nipply bits) and accessories.

I also have a second variety that might work as well - A victorian costume gown in black velvet with a white bridal satin chemise dress and hoop.. The chest piece of the bodice has a gold gothic cross embroidered on it.

Come to think of it, I have quite a few pieces that would easily fit in - as they look quite a bit like bits and pieces of the outfit above - I'll have to wait though - as the top I'm thinking of is actually at someone elses house right now.  *sigh*  If I had the funds available - I'd just buy that whole ensemble and be done with it.

Right now though, I'm leaning toward the white brocade corset paired with the eggplant satin skirt with matching eggplant corset laces.  There is also a matching white brocade neck corset, and I have ties for that if I decide to wear it.  It has D rings hanging off it all the way around - and so i'm debating hanging a charm from them.  Alternately I may go with the "Here Comes the Steampunk Sun"  I need to decide soon though - as I have to have all of this in hand by Friday of Next week - the Ball is Saturday!

In the end I may have to make do with some thrift store finds - assuming I can ever get out to it.  My car battery is still dead. :(

But the mail is here so it is time for me to go to work.  I have lots to do and I'm running out of time.  Have a creative day folks! (and if you have any steampunk suggestions let me know soon!)


WildHeather said...

I like the sound of the white/eggplant ensemble, because...well, purple!

Amy said...

Yeah. That's looking more and more like it will be the choice by default. I tried on the corset with the old ties earlier - it just fits - and by just fits, I mean I can lace it all the way closed and still take a HUGE breath in and not feel remotely constrained in any way.

Which means the black and white dress is going to be about 3 sizes too big :(

Lrc said...

I love that black corset and those jewelry pieces! cool finds! I dream about having a custom corset some day...I put it off because of lack of money and wanting to be thinner...That ball sounds like fun!

Tony said...

I really dig that Steampunk pendant! It is a kick ass piece of jewelry!!