Thursday, January 14, 2010

THUD! The Sleepless version

Because I am crazy and stayed up all night.  But, it was fun.  I spent all night just about chatting with fellow soaper DirtyAssSoaps discussing life in the universe, the necessity for 30 hour days, how unbelievably busy its been for both of us... and how much we're hoping to be totally caught up soon so we can get on to creating new lovelies for our shops!

IM really, sadly, is the next best thing to having a girls night in sleepover.

My to do list is printed and ready to be cracked on.  Just as soon as I go perk some coffee, because I need it! This afternoon will be crashed by doctors appointments in 2 different cities (mine here in Suffolk and hubby's off in Portsmouth at the Naval Incompetence Facility), and so in about 3 hours I will not be getting anything worthwhile accomplished for at least 3 more hours.  I am aiming for at least 5 packages posted by the time the PO closes, we'll see how those go.

Note to my fellow sellers:  During the holiday rush from September through December WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING! I totally forgot an order because I f*cked up the shipping label, and I am kicking myself from here to Timbuktu right now and feeling like a total idiot.

On an up note: Little Heathen's has its new Banner, Avatar/logo, Label design, and is waiting for me to start photographing items to list.  I even have the Grand Opening Give-Away planned out in my head... but that won't be till February - Stay tuned for sneak peaks, hints and other such things.


Leah said...

love it! perfect logo!

Amy said...

Thanks! I like it too :) I like how crisp it looks now :)

Lrc said...

hehe I'm glad you had some fun! I like staying up all night sometimes...the early early morning hours are quiet and mysterious. The logo is okay but I am picky about anatomy and I don't like the hands. Thats me though...its cute a part from that.

Amy said...

LRC - yeah, but most of the time the hands are so small you can't really see the details in them.

Plus I wanted it to stay relatively simple since its a little busy to begin with. :)