Monday, January 11, 2010

Manic Monday

So this is not going to be a regular kind of posting,  at least, I sincerely hope not.

But it is definitely a manic kind of day.  First, I overslept, again.  I hate when its cold.  It makes my arthritis flare and my sciatica act up, and falling asleep easily becomes a distant memory.  Second, FedEx for the 3rd time, has promised me a refund on the packages sent December 18th that were supposed to be Overnight and took 2 days to arrive. 

Then, oh my lovely customers how I adore you for keeping my business going... my how they shopped this weekend. So I have an absolute TON to do to get all of those out - and still desperately trying to carve out time to make new products and get the Little Heathen's soaps and things photographed so I can begin listing again!

So, my fellow bloggers and readers.  How is your Monday going?


2kutekreations said...

not good :/
took my Bambam to the vet, she has two stones in her bladder. Doc put her on a diet to see if it will dissolve stones if not she will need surgery. :/

AUNIA KAHN said...

Awe, oversleeping!

Pili said...

We have a snowed Monday, but after coming back home from working night driving in the snow, I took some pics, went to take a nap, and got a ton of packages, and now I'm reading cozily in my sofa!