Monday, January 18, 2010

Made it Monday & A Call for Submissions

Saturday was full of creativity for me.  I had a boost of inspiration while making soaps for filling orders and came up with some cool new soaps.

I also managed to get some new things made and have begun to fill out my Black & White fragrance line.  The Black & White line was inspired by the popularity of the 2 different Sandalwood bars in the shop, which I am sure you are all very familiar with. 

Black Celtic Sandalwood

Now that line will be expanding.  Many of the Black Fragrances have already been included in the shop:

And the newest listing among the Black & White Line:  Black Vanilla
An arousingly seductive blend of exotic Madagascar Vanilla and Tonka Beans, resting on a sensually balanced base of passionate Patchouli.

And now, a call for you!  Would you like to share your craft with the world?  Every week I will be offering a Made It Monday post, and I would love to have you do a guest feature here!  Share your talent and craft with my readers. All I would need is for you to choose a project that you would like to share - one you have already done, or one you are working on.  3-5 photos of the work in progress (all stages need not be photographed - you don't have to share your top secret production techniques, just the basics), and simple explanations of how you create your craft!

If you would like to share with us, contact me at heathenshearthsales at gmail dot com and let me know you'd like to be a part of this new feature.  Include the approximate time frame that you think you can have the photos and instructions written up, whether you would like for me to edit what you send or post it as is, and what kind of craft you do (also let me know if it will take more than 1 entry - if you're doing something detailed, like making a necklace, it might be easier to split it into multiple posts)

I will let you know what weeks are available for your post (to avoid having the same craft run back to back). I will add a permalink button to your blog or shop on the left side of the post under a new section called "Made It Monday Crafters" which will also have a link to your entry so it can be easily found by readers.

This is a great opportunity for all crafters to get some excellent exposure.  As of this week I am currently at almost 200 unique readers per week and growing fast! (2 weeks ago it was half that!).  So get in touch!

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Pili said...

I can't wait to read your features here!