Friday, December 18, 2009

THUD Thursday

I just printed postage for 42 packages... on top of the like 10 that were already packed and posted and waiting to go. 

I want to go THUD so badly right now.  I'm trying to decide if its the better part of valor (or something) to just go to bed and rest and sleep for 7 hours, and then get up and finish tomorrow. 

You see... someone posted a new truism on Twitter... "Procrastination is like the end you're only F*cking yourself".   

I don't think I've procrastinated, so much as been lethargic from whatever is going on with my health, but it works out about the same...even though I feel a huge relief at seeing the light at the end of the tunnel I still have that rather dreadful feeling that I'm f*cked.   I slept almost 40 hours straight from Saturday night through till Monday afternoon at 1pm.  I was technically awake, or at least, physically ambulatory, for about an hour and a half during that time.  Long enough at any rate to alarm my husband because of how slurred my speech was and how lethargic I was - and long enough to become physically ill from attempting to eat. 

On top of being woefully unprepared for running the shop alone through the holidays this has become an ongoing stress marathon for the last few days weeks months.  Between the health thing (I've lost almost 60lbs - 45 of which was lost over the span of 45 days between October and November), the post office debacle that caused me to have to redo multiple orders on top of the last minute holiday shopping orders, and the sheer volume of holiday orders (to say nothing of having to constantly reorder supplies due to earlier mentioned woefully unpreparedness)...I'm ready for about a week of sleep. 

So my next few days look something like this (assuming I go to bed after making this post):

Friday: get up at 730, package the remaining completed orders and take them all to the PO.  Finish the remaining orders that need to be finished, pack them all.  Pack up the kitchen/shop supplies, load my truck, and drive from St. Louis to Maryland.

Saturday:  Arrive in Maryland/Northern Virginia by 2pm.  Drop off 2 orders to friends between 2 and 4pm.  Drive to Southern Virginia.  Get home.  Die for at least 36 hours. 

Sunday:  If there is a god anywhere in the universe I will sleep the entire 24 hours.

Monday: get up at a decent hour (before 10am) unpack the truck, unpack the shop supplies, unpack any supply orders that have come in over the last couple of weeks, make whatever is needed for the last last minute pre-holiday orders and mail them.

So yeah.  I think its definitely time for bed.  I can still get it done in the morning.  I have faith in myself. 

Goodnight!  I truly hope everyone has had a fabulous pre-holiday season, and wish us all a less stressful week to come!

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Split Rock Ranch said...

I'm not sure if I wish I was that busy with orders or not! Hope you can get some badly needed rest and relaxation in there somewhere. Happy Holidays!