Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Many Mis-Adventures of Me - Introducing Wordy Wednesday

Say that 5 times fast.

I was going to look for some witty way of saying the Many Mis-Adventures of Oh Em Gee... and was looking for a word that fit angsting soapmaker that started with G.  It seemed appropriate since I lost 4 hours last night to a dead car battery because of the cold weather we're having... so,  I hit the thesaurus, I like the visual thesaurus... it amuses me.  Today it amused me more than anything and has inspired me to come up with a new thing to do on Wednesdays to cure mid-week boredom.

Everyone does wordless Wednesday - I'm going to do Wordy Wednesday! :-D

And the word of today is "soap".  Everyone knows soap is a fabulous amalgamation made from the salts of either animal or vegetable fats (all soaps I make are of the vegetable variety, though I do want to try bacon soap - but that's another post).

However, Did you know?

Soap is also these things:

Money to pay a bribe:

A street name for Gamma Hydroxybutyrate aka GHB AKA the Date Rape Drug!

We must do something about this!  Are we going to let soap keep this bad reputation?  Is it not bad enough that all these big companies like to infer that their "detergent bars" are really soap?  I mean, we as a people who love our soap must act!  We cannot allow this disgrace of our beautiful soapy goodness to continue!

Does this look like the face of something as deceitful as bribery to you???

No!  It doesn't!  So join me fellow soap lovers!  Raise your voices and lets be heard! Soap is much better than a drug!  And it leaves you feeling clean and refreshed!  Not slimey and low like bribery!

Who's with me?!?!



A Thyme To Bee Comforted said...

Athyme raises her hand and joins the Rebelsoap mission.....ummm but my hand wasn't u know that one German guy.....

Amy said...

ROTFL no no...none of that... we must only raise our hands to wash our daily grime. :-D

So now we're the Rebel Soap Mission... we need a slogan!

Something catchy!