Friday, February 6, 2009


It was a balmy 9 degrees in Southern Virginia this morning. To make it even better, the heat here at work was not on. So it's a little chilly in the office. Luckily, I have some instant oatmeal in my desk (maple brown sugar, baby!). That along with a cup or 4 of coffee should thaw me out.

I love my's such a comfort food for me...makes me all warm and cozy. But it got me thinking...what could I find on Etsy if I searched for "oatmeal"?

Here are some of my favorite findings...


bohemeanne said...

Your blog looks so nice, mine is crappy! I guess I just don't understand how to put all the goodies up in it yet.
Hope you warm up, it's finally getting warmmer here in PA, a toasty 32 degrees. I think I might go swimming in the pond.

Paperprincess34 said...

Awesome oatmeal! I want the hair cut on the first girl.

Makes me want to do random searches on etsy now :)

Hope you weather warms up soon.

Anna said...

Nice post! The cookies looked great.

NotQuitePhotoJENic said...