Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Holy Shittake Mushrooms!

I log into Etsy this morning (I go straight to our shop page, bypassing the front page) and I see we have 2 convos...both telling us that my treasury is on the Frong Page...RIGHT NOW!

So I click over to the FP and sure enough...there it is! I don't think I was this excited when our items made the FP! I am so flippin happy and ecstatic that not only did my treasury was good enough to make the FP, but some of my friends were in it...and some of them sold things!

Does it get better than that?!


moxylyn said...

I saw this!! Someone left a comment on my blog telling me, and she has a screenshot on her blog also. It's a little different than this one and has my baby blue journal on it which sold! Thanks so much!! A very very stunning treasury!

NotQuitePhotoJENic said...


On a Roll said...

Yay!!! How exciting!!! I better get crackin' on making new items!! :)