Friday, February 20, 2009

I found the most adorable shop! Timberline Treasures

Ok, so I didn't find her shop, I found a thread she started in the forums. :-) And we beat a dead horse and I decided to check out the items... its a thing with me. When people talk about slow sales, the first thing I do before venting my spleen about advertising and networking is to check the quality of the shop. If the quality isn't there, I don't bother, its kind of evident why there aren't any sales.

But I digress...

Ginny's work is very pretty, and quite unique, with some very evident Mid-western flair. I think I might have actually found a Christmas gift for my FIL for this year... he's a hunting/fishing/cabin type guy... so I'll get him some throw pillows (ok, they'll be more for his woman's benefit, but ya know, at least it fits my image of what he might like..LOL)

I'm digressing again, you have to stop letting me do that or I'll never get to show you the works put out by timberlineltd (also known as Timberline Treasures)!

And these adorable matching organizer pouches. I'm debating saving up some cash to buy some of these for those little mini-gift sets like we were doing over the holidays. they'd make great gifts and makeup/purse bags. :)

So feel free to stop by, and if you find something you've been hoping for, tell her amy, the evil twin, says hello. :)


Mike said...

Those are some nice items

Ginny said...

Thanks Mike for the compliment and special thanks to Amy. It was so sweet of you to feature my work on your blog. If any one has questions about my work, I would be happy to answer them.