Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A newly found favorite

I was in Etsy Chat one night last week and found an awesome Etsian...Kara from onaroll. She makes the cutest knitted cozies...and I knew I had to have one.
Kara was AWESOME to work with...she did up a custom listing for me for an iPod/phone cozy and a matching coffee cup cozy in the color I wanted and did a fabulous job...take a look!

My Motorola Razr fits snugly in this's so cute and keeps my phone from being scratched up in my purse.

I am also in love with the coffee can be used on hot coffee cups and will save you from using the disposable paper sleeves...or use it on your water bottle to keep your hand from freezing! They can even be worn as a wrist cuff :).

Be sure to check out her won't be disappointed.

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Jan said...

so nice.. I like it.