Saturday, January 31, 2009

A little more math...

just in case your head wasn't spinning from the last

Our first month of business, we sold .37 items per day.
Our second month in business we sold .66 items per day.
Our third month in business we sold .43 items per day.

4th - 4.13 items per day (it was november... holiday shoppers abound)
5th - 6.9 items per day (it was december... more holiday shoppers)
6th - 2.5 items per day....

Obviously this isn't enough information to extrapolate accurately how quickly we'll grow as a business... that's going to depend on too many outside factors (like, are we really in another "Great Depression", because, contrary to some peoples opinions, what we sell can be considered a luxury item).

But lets say for the sake of argument...that every 6 months the number of sales we have per day will grow 7 times.

we started out making .37 items per day. After 6 months we should be selling 2.59 items per day (that's fairly accurate as it goes, since I rounded up from 6.57 to 7)

12 months = 18 items per day
18 months = 126 items per day

Nifty. i didn't even plan that... lol. but according to that, if we maintain a steady growth over the next 12 months, by sometime next year we should be making enough sales to open a retail shop...almost exactly... since the previous posts calculations put us at needing 126 sales per day in order to hire people to work in our shop. :-)

Obviously, I don't think it will work that way, because I'm sure there will be slow periods in there, and definately some periods of tapering off, where we hit plateaues (how the hell do you spell that?!?) and level off on the number of new customers we gain. But it gives me something to work with plan wise.

When I take into consideration that I can't really plan anything until we know where we're moving to after The Hubby retires...which is at least 3 years from now... 30 months into this little business venture.

So according to the math, 18 months is what we need. According to life, I'll plan on 36 months.

So my new goal is to open a retail store front by no later than August of 2011... :-D

happy sales ya'll

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