Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good Stuff, Maynard!

You know what makes me feel really good? Knowing that our customers love us and our products. Amy and I both spend a lot of time in the Etsy Chat rooms and have formed relationships with many of the other Etsy sellers, who happen to be our best customers. We joke around with them, saying they are Soap Pimps because they are gushing about how great our stuff is all the time. What is better than that?!

Some of the actual feedback we have received is just plain awesome:

"HeathensHearth is THE best bath and body shop on Etsy!! I will come back again and again :) Thanks for your generosity and amazing customer service! Happy holidays :)" - designsbygalina

"It is always a joy to purchase from Heathen's Hearth! Fabulous products, very reasonable prices, and super quick shipping! One of my very favorite Etsy shops." - mrsbradley

"Smells like heaven and is so lush...awesome!" - abigor

"Best Soap Evar!! I have never been happier with a product. keep up the good work!" - NeitherHereNorThere

"very fast shipping. I LOVE THE SOAP. I have bought alot of handmade oatmeal soap over the years and this is THE BEST!!!!!!" - NancysJewelryDesigns

You know what is even better than that? Returning customers. To hear that they love our stuff is one thing, but when they come back for more and more and more...that is amazing!

Thank you Etsy and thank you to our wonderful customers...you are fantastic.

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