Thursday, January 15, 2009


Ok... I shouldn't have done that, now I have that song stuck in my head. LOL.

But, I wanted to announce some pertinent changes that will be coming in our inventory within the next week - then we can get back to our regularly scheduled randomness.

First up, Sampler sets.

We've just recently listed a grouping of soap samplers. As before, each sampler set is grouped by its scent type (Fruits, desserts, sensual scents, etc) and there is also a sampler called "Buyers Choice", so that anyone purchasing that one can choose their own mix of 5 scents.

The photos show a set of hearts, however, the shapes are probably going to change seasonally.

Next Up on the agenda of changes, are the samplers of body frosting. They have been selling very well, though cost effectiveness of them (for the buyer) and losses based on actual retail value (for us) have been in conflict I think. Right now the 1 ounce sets currently listed (being 5 one ounce jars) are at $12, plus the requisite 3.50 shipping. We're going to be discontinuing those sets in favor of smaller 1/4 ounce jars. Our reasoning is fairly simple. We'll be able to sell them at their actual retail cost ($6) and not continue to lose money on each one purchased (really, a loss of $4 isn't too horrible, but aggregate, because its one of our best selling items really hurts after a while). Plus, halving the price point will make them much more accessible to a variety of buyers out there who really want to try it, but really don't want to risk losing $15 on something they may not like the scent of.

So for now, the sampler sets of frostings (Found here in our sets section) will be the last 3 sold. After that we will be listing new sets to reflect the lower price and smaller jars.

For those worried about size, part of what prompted this change was the realization that 1 ounce of our body frosting is sufficient for daily use for up to two weeks - longer if you are only using it as a hand cream. We feel confident that 1/4 ounce, which would be sufficient for several days usage (for each scent), is plenty for customers to get to know our product, but cost effective enough that they are not deterred by the price tag - in this economy, we know every penny counts.

And of course, since we have samplers of those 2, our next most popular product is our sugar since we'll have all these lovely 1 ounce containers floating around, we've decided to go ahead and introduce sampler sets of those as well. Each container will be sufficient for a single full body application (2 if you happen to be like me and only use it on the elbows, legs and feet). I'll update more on those when I've completed the boring accounting :-)

One other note worth mentioning... The rollout of samplers of our lickable body frostings (also in the 1/4 ounce jars) will most likely begin by next weekend - Jan 24th-25th. So to those who have been patiently waiting, never fear! Our Lickable Line (body frostings, massage oils, sugar scrubs, body powder and lip balms - with matching *NON-lickable* Soap) will be available in time for V-Day shipment!

We may or may not re-introduce the sampler sets that we typically use for give aways and seasonal stocking stuffers. I suppose that will depend on demand. People did seem to like them though. (Full Line Sampler Sets would include 1 ounce of soap, 1 ounce of sugar scrub, 1 ounce of bath salts, 1/4 ounce of body frosting.)

Speaking of which, stay tuned, because I should be announcing our next Give-Away shortly.

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