Friday, December 5, 2008

I think I can... I think I can....

I've got almost all of my christmas shopping done! And... I managed to get all of the presents for my family so far 100% hand made! The kids, being kids, will be getting all the cool technogadgetry that can't be made by hand (video games, board games and etc). But all of the adults in our family are getting handmade gifts.

Obviously I can't divulge Misty's gifts since she reads, and participates in this blog. haha. (I've been uber sneaky with her gifts though. I've had all the people making her gifts give me custom listings with no pictures and no descriptions, so she can't figure it out till I give it to her.)

Tony (aka Misty's man, aka The Hubby) is getting the following:
Fabulous Thor T-Shirt from Vemorlian From Misty:

A set of 2 candles in his favorite scents, 1 in Midsummer's Night, and 1 in Sandalwood from the fabulous BlissCandles (who follows our blog) From both of us:

And this most excellent homage to his worship of the Lucas Masterpiece from Munchey's from me:

Jason (Aka The B/F) is getting:

Another amazingly funny t-shirt from Muncheys, homage to our most unique relationship.

A candle from yet another follower of our blog, and lovely etsian, SweetSurrenderCandles
And an outrageous gag gift, in honor of his opinion on why brocolli gives people gas (think of popcorn... he is of the opinion that the little dark green leafy parts explode like popcorn on the introduction of stomach acid) From the hilarious shop of Dippylulu
I can't tell you what I am getting for Misty, as I said earlier. I will tell you, on the other hand, who is providing me with her gifts (since that much I can't really hide from her anyway).
Stop by and say hi to danilykewoah and ArtByDonnaRose. Thank you both for being willing to do not only custom listings, but to be willing to make those listings so "blank"
And of course, danilykewoah for being another Les Mis fan :)
All in all, I'd say our christmas shopping was a success this year. We didn't spend a lot of money, we managed to stick to our handmade pledge, support other etsians....and found perfect gifts!
This really long post brought to you by my mother. Who made me so crazy tonight (really really long story...) that I needed to cure my crazy with retail therapy!
Now everyone go shopping for soap! LOL Because our contest (found in this post) ends on December the 15th! Because everyone deserves to pick at least 1 of their christmas gifts!

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Anonymous said...

Such fun items! I love the jedi shirt.