Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Argh, Grrr, and Damn it

I need to stop making impulsive chat room purchases. Well...actually, that's not true, because I've made a few of them and most of them are perfectly wonderful. It just so happens that my two bad experiences were also impulsive chat room purchases.

The hats. Ok, I still don't want to come out and say the seller's name, but really, I think most of Etsy has been screwed by this lady in the last couple of months. It's not hard to figure out. Over a month later and I still don't have my money refunded, though she did cancel the sale a couple weeks ago. Amy talked to her yesterday and she told her to send me a money order or I will file a claim with my bank (since I used my bank account to pay) and Etsy. She said she would be mailing it today. Guess we will see.

The fudge. I bought a batch of fudge from a seller in chat last week because she was running sale...and I love fudge, lol. Anyway, I received it yesterday. It was wrapped in a cellophane bag and put into a large manilla envelope. No box. No bubble wrap. No padding. It was melted, smooshed flat, and leaking out of the cellophane and envelope. I was not a pleased Misty, so I sent her a convo letting her know the situation, and she said that she would give me 50% off my next order.

What? Now, is it me? Am I just too demanding? Do I expect too much? We have had 1 problem with an order we sent out where the customer was not satisfied. We offered a full refund or replacement. That was the right thing to do, in our minds. It wasn't going above and beyond....it was doing the right thing. So...I get this fudge that in not even edible, and her solution to the problem is 50% off my NEXT order? It's not right.

I haven't replied to her convo yet, but I don't think I want to settle for just 50% off my next order because I don't think there will BE a next order. I would like to have a new batch made and sent to me in proper packaging, or have my purchased reimbursed, since I am going to have to throw what she sent me in the trash (after I have taken pictures of it).

Do you think I should just let it go? Or should I let her know I am not happy with her solution to the problem?


Michelle Brunner said...

That is so annoying! Who would ship food in just an envelope? I am with you-I would not order any more fudge from this seller! I would maybe tell her that this is not the proper way to ship and that future sellers might not be as understanding as you are. What kind of feedback does this seller have?

Misty said...

She has 99% positive feedback.

Aelwyn said...

Definitely tell her you want a full refund. And complain to Etsy. Who ships FOOD (especially melty food like fudge) in an EVELOPE? Helloooooo?

I would NEVER order from her, so 50% off your next purchase is ridiculous. She should at least offer a replacement.

Mommy Bee said...

I would ask for a full refund, and let her know that you'll be obligated to leave negative feedback if she can't 'make it right' for you. If she gives the refund (or replaces the order with appropriate shipping) then leave neutral.
It's not allowed to mention specific sellers/transaction details on etsy forums, but I would probably tell who she is here on the blog (if she doesn't make it right). I think if you get burned it's appropriate to warn others about the fire. After all, if a department store treated you this way, wouldn't you tell everyone you knew to stay away from that place? Should etsy be any different?

Tanya said...

Who ships food in a manila envelope? Seriously? That is just ridiculous and yes, I would totally write her back and tell her it's unacceptable. I wouldn't even order from her again with the 50% off. If I were the seller, I would have refunded you the money and sent out another order packaged correctly free of charge.

I so wish you could tell us who these sellers are, because I spend a lot of my time in Etsy chat rooms. I want to be warned!

Brenda said...

Yep it's sooo maddening to get bad product. I have once. I just let it slide and did leave feedback.

Probably the totally wrong reaction, but it was either that or comment on the horrible, sloppy, unprofessional work. So...

With fudge - I might get irate (the taste buds would be in rebellion!

Sweet Tush said...

Hahaha...The Hats??? Ohhh I know who your talking about because I have the same problem. Ordered Nov. 26th and still nothing. Caught her in chats many times, with many excuses. Here its xmas eve and still no hats...How does Etsy let her get away with this???

Amy said...

@ SweetTush...yeah, I think everyone has gotten screwed over by the Hat thing.

It wasn't me that ordered the fudge, but Misty's being a lot nicer than i would be.