Monday, December 15, 2008

We're Gaining in popularity it seems

It's been a good week. We were featured in the Expedited Shipping gift guide earlier this week, and today I discovered we have also been featured in the Gift Guide for Her.

There is a new site I found via the forum today, called Featsy. I haven't read up on it much, however, apparently it gives stats and data similary to Yay! More things to keep track of. LOL.
Anyway. I haven't determined exactly what it means (I plan on plugging in random etsy shops to see if I can figure it out), but according to the site, we are in the 16th percentile (apparently for being featured) for the week, and in the 20th percentile for today (being in 2 gift guides).
How cool!
This is more good news for us, on top of.... We made it to over 250 Sales! It wasn't just a little over a month ago we were hovering around 50 sales, and even then we thought we were doin' pretty good. I mean, with hundreds of thousands of sellers on etsy, doing at least a sale a week, we thought was pretty great. Especially when we're up against some really stiff competition. Bath and Body is almost as competitive as jewelry (at least to me). Especially when you consider there are people out there doing the same things we are, who've been at it for much longer.
Now? Well I have to say I think its pretty awesome. Thank you Etsy Admin, for helping us reach our sales goals, surpassing them, and for doing such a great job running the site! We wouldn't be able to do this without you!


Angie said...

Congrats on getting in the gift guides! :)

-Angie from Jangie

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