Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Even though we both (Amy and Misty) have LiveJournal accounts where we sometimes talk about our business, we wanted to have something separate that is just for Heathen's Hearth.

I thought this might be a great place to talk about what we do and how we do it. So what is it that we do? Make soap, of course! And other goodies!

Heathen's Hearth started out in the summer of 2007, as a part time hobby. What began simply as a way to enjoy quality time together as friends, and provide a creative outlet that we could both excel at and enjoy, turned into lots of experimenting, and ultimately to the products we are now proud to present to the general public.

We practice our craft in the heart of our home-the kitchen, which has in modern times, replaced the hearth, and heart, of homes that existed in times gone by. We hand craft all of our soaps in small batches, using only the finest materials available to guarantee their quality, including Creamy Goat's Milk or Silky Shea Butter bases. Starting with these high quality soap bases, we add fresh cosmetic grade natural botanicals, pure essential oils, and cosmetic grade fragrance oils to provide you with beautifully handcrafted soaps that look and smell as good as they will make you feel.

Once we regularly get posting in here, we'll have lots of photos of new creations, but in the meantime, visit us over at http://HeathensHearth.etsy.com.


Talli said...

Welcome to the business Blogosphere, good luck ^_^

Amy said...