Friday, August 29, 2008

Try'll like it...

I brought in a bar of soap for our receptionist not too long ago. She and the other girls in the office "oooh'd and ahhh'd" over it for a while and wanted to know what other scents we had. I brought the list in for them and they "oooh'd and ahhh'd" over that, too, lol.

The next day our receptionist said she wondered if I had ever made something with pomegranate scent. Funny she should ask. I never have, but there was a bottle of Pomegranate Vanilla oil in the soap cabinet that had yet to be opened. I was hesitant to use it, thinking it was a summery scent and summer was almost over, it was something one of us picked up at Michael's which doesn't always have the best quality, etc. She talked me into it, though. Yeah, I give into peer pressure so easily. In this case, I am SO glad I did.

The outcome was this:

It smelled so good, she sat at her desk and just sniffed it all day before giving it back to me. Then she ordered an entire basket...included soap, salts, and lotion. Since then, I've sold another bottle of the Pomegranate Vanilla lotion.

What didn't sound all that great to me at first, is something that people just never know :).

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