Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's Black Friday! What did you buy?

Gifts for everyone else right?  Naturally, that's typically what people buy on this day. 

I however, spent not a penny.  I had my holiday shopping done a few weeks ago.  I'll grant you my list is small (only 4 people not including the kids) and we're all restricted to $25 or handmade items, so it wasn't like it was a big challenge.

Ok, so finding presents for 3 40ish year old men that were unique, mostly or totally handmade, and that were under $25... *and* had to be "usable" items - kitschy anything or knicknacks or collectibles.  It had to be functional.

It was a challenge - which was why I started shopping 2 months ago. :)

So, in honor of this day of economy boosting... here's a list of things on Etsy I haven't bought, but wish I had the money for.

5. Luxe Amber Honey Citrine and Oxidized Silver necklace by ANORIGINALJEWELRY

4. Just about all of the t-shirts from Munchey's shop, but if I had to pick just one:  I used to care, really, I did..

3.  A lovely reminder of the deity who runs my life...carved by TreeSkinStructures. Old One Eye

2. Lovers by casanovax2 for its elegant simplicity and stunning clean lines

Tomorrow will be a new top 5 things I want on Etsy.  Possibly.  Tomorrow I'll be driving from my Out-laws beautiful home in Asheville, North Carolina... back to lovely St. Charles Missouri. 

I will endeavor to at least stop in and say "hi"!  In the meantime, what's you're favorite item on etsy right now?  Tell me what I should be spending my money on.


Lrc said...

I like your 5 pics! That last item is awesome and my thought exactly on the whole 'twilight' frenzy. I will post some of my faves on my blog perhaps...have a good weekend!

Mountaindreamers said...

yummy necklace, I live near Asheville Too, hope you enjoyed your visit. Safe journey home.

Amy said...

@Lrc - I know! They even have Twilight friggin candy bars! They seriously take the movie promotion bit waaaay too far!

@Mountaindreamers - i had a lovely visit! My mother-out-law is the best cook EVER! :-D

And really, Asheville is just beautiful!

Lonesome Road Studio said...

I had to check out Old One Eye to see how big that was - I was picturing something like the Easter Island statues, LOL!
Nice choices - I have a list too. *sigh*

Amy said...


LOL Yeah, I had to double check too when I first saw it. I love it! Just wish I could afford all the things I really want to buy on Etsy.

Old One Eye would make a fabulous wall piece!

Casanova said...

Amy! Thank you for including me in your "List"!! The blog looks awesome! You've got some great writings in here too!!! Thank you very much...and here's to the Holidays!!! Best to everyone! Casanova