Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Long Weekend!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  I so wish I had taken pictures of the food before it was served here at my Out-Laws.  My MOL is a fabulous cook anyway (and I should know, I've eaten like 3 meals she's cooked - but not one of them have ever been less than something you'd see in a cooking magazine), but she really outdid herself for turkey day.

Going on the assumption that what is really wrong with me is Celiac Sprue - she made the ENTIRE dinner, Celiac friendly (except the Pecan Pie, which I hear there is no way to accomplish - not big on it anyway, so I didn't miss it).  

So I had turkey, stuffing, gravy, cauliflower with hollandaise/cheese sauce, broccoli and butter, fruit salad, sweet potatoes with marshmallow and pecan topping, and my very own crustless pumpkin chiffon.  OMG - that stuff puts pumpkin pie to shame (but don't tell J I said so.  ;-)

It was absolute divinity.  And now, we go from the lethargy of food to the madness of the true holiday shopping season.  And naturally, in my own way, I am participating as well.  Though I must say, after 3 years of working retail during the holiday season in my 20's, I *never* shop on these days, except from the comfort of my home. :)

So I am thankful for a fantastic mom-out-law, the divine dinner, and internet shopping!

So, what are you thankful for this weekend?  What are you thankful for every weekend?  Inquiring minds want to know!

So as of last night at midnight, all prices in the shop have been marked down for the long weekend.  Black Friday till Midnight Monday night everything in the shop is 25% off.

Everyone in the US, Canada and Mexico get free shipping with orders over $50, and everyone else in the world gets free shipping with orders over $100.

So go, shop, spoil your loved ones with gifts and treasures... and then don't forget to stop by early for great deals from the shop as well.  :-)  And then go to the post before this one and register for a chance to win a Creamy Sugar Scrub and a matching bar of soap :-D

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