Monday, May 18, 2009

Soap of the Day ~ Monday, May 18

The Heartsabustin Natural Goat's Milk and Glycerin Soap!

A sparkly blood red top layer in natural glycerin soap over a creamy white layer of natural goat's milk soap in the delicious scent of Strawberry Cream!

Our embodiment of Heartsabustin is bright, fruity, and delicious...and of course in the shape of a heart! Today it is 25% off, only $3.75.

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Heartsabustin said...

This is an awesome soap - and I'm not just saying that. I bought one and loved it! :)

LynnAnne said...

Love the layered strawberry idea! What a wonderful idea for the strawberry season that is almost upon us!!

Chickenista said...

Thanks for stopping by my page♥

I love this soap is sooo pretty...
The smell of strawberry cream sounds wonderful.

Its would definatly go in the guest bathroom LOL too pretty to use♥