Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Awesome Reviews!

"Misty and Amy make soaps the way I would make them (if I was a soap maker). Their attention to detail and presentation is amazing and very professional. The wide variety of fruit & floral fragrances teamed up with the decorative molds make for perfect gifts or a little luxury for yourself! Unique scents like Brown Leather add depth and excitement to the lineup. The soaps are all very generous in size, and I'm impressed all the way around! They provided excellent communication from start to finish and were very generous with sample soaps and a free gift. Thank you, Misty and Amy! I enjoyed the experience of purchasing from you very much." - stevetoearth

My son (Eli) has had eczema since he was born - he's 5 years old now. He constantly is scratching because his skin breaks out in these rough, patchy areas all over his body. We're in Florida and the heat makes it even worse because he sweats. Try keeping an active 5 year old boy from playing or sweating in the summer. It's impossible.

We've tried everything...over the counter lotions and creams, prescription steroid creams (Elidel, etc.), baby bathwash, Hydrocortisone cream, you name it - the list goes on and on. Most are ineffective, burn his skin, or are so strong (steroid cream) that we worry there will be long lasting repurcussions. The steroid creams actually changed the color of his skin.

We tried the Oatmeal (Milk) and Honey soap last night during bathtime, with the Orange Ouchy Ointment afterwards. I'm in love!! The soap was gentle but I still felt like all of the little boy dirt was gone. When I rubbed it on Eli's skin, he actually sighed and said "that's nice Mom."

The Orange Ouchy Ointment went on right after his bath. I am so impressed with it because it's just perfect - just oily enough to really coat his skin and gentle enough that it didn't burn or irritate the already inflamed skin. With his eczema, the skin will often crack and split, which makes applying anything to it painful. I've spent literally hundreds of dollars on various things to help Eli's eczema with little to no success - I spent less than $20 on the soap and Orange Ouchy Ointment...and Eli actually had a night free of itching.

You have a loyal customer here...we'll be back for more, guaranteed. And I would definately recommend Orange Ouchy Ointment to anyone who has sensitive skin or is dealing with eczema - especially for children." - TeenyTinyFashions

"LOVE IT!!! First, I have asthma and can't wear many scents, no perfume, etc. This is a light scent that lasts and smells soooo wonderful! Very moisturizing and such a light, delicate scent! I can't describe how much I fell in love with this product! Can't wait to try more!" - Easy123

"As soon as I opened the package from HeathensHearth it smelled like heaven. I was so excited to get to this scrub and I was overwhelmed - stunning stuff, looks and smells and feels so good. Simply divine. I can't recommend thi
s seller enough." - FashionFauxPas

"I dont know what I did before these sugar scrubs...best things on earth!" - mainecoons4

"Oh.My.God. I am OBSESSED with your perfume oils! The scent is insanely long-lasting and smells BEAUTIFUL! I can't stop smelling myself! As usual your soaps are superb - I can't wait to try the Cafe Mocha!! HeathensHearth is seriously the best soap seller on etsy!!"
- LoveandLust


eclairre said...

Soap always sounds good enough to eat when its on etsy!

Hypnotransformations said...

I awarded you the Honest Scrap Award! Check out my blog for details.

Pie said...

My son has skin asthma and his dermatologist recommended oatmeal soap. His skin loved it!